Purposeful Patience: Practicing The Ease Over The Rush

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

Dec 28 2022 • 42 mins

Purposeful Patience. What is it? How can we work with it? And why is it something you might benefit from putting into practice in how you approach how you go about achieving your goals + bringing your ideas, desires and projects into fruiition + creating a consistent sense of wellbeing, even during intensity and uncertainty? Just that :)

For the past year I have been practicing Purposeful Patience. It was the theme and mantra of my year. Each year I/we choose/receive a yearly theme/centerpoint in the Emerge Visioining Process - like "The Year of Purposeful Patience" or last year "The Year of Embodying Radiant Grace."

I love the practice of choosing a centerpoint and over-arching theme and then working with it intentionally all year. It becomes a guidepost and a portal into deeper wisdom that can support us to create realities that are more aligned with our design and desires. If you stick with it as an active practice, by the end of the year, you have SO much more embodied wisdom, trust and insight on how to do things differently.

Somethings to know about Purposeful Patience.

Purposeful patience is not sitting around waiting for life to happen. It's not a platitude like "Patience is a Virutue."

Purposeful patience is a co-creative choice to live in alignment with the natural flow and unfoldment of your life, purpose, projects, and processes.

The practice of purposeful patience reduces anxiety, the wasting of resources and time, and the self-inflicted pressure that stresses our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time: 200: Purposeful Patience: Practicing the Ease Over the Rush, I was inspired to share with you a handful of the pearls of wisdom I received - so you can apply the wisdom to the rhythm of your year, your months, your weeks and your days.

Consider this: Would you more ease (comfort and convenience) or more rush (haste, progress with speed and violence), hustle (shake, push, shove), or busy (meddlesome, toil) in your life this next cycle?

Here's some of what we'll explore:

  • Difference between easing into vs. hustling or rushing into year / week / day
  • The practice of Staying in "neutral" and 'upshifting'
  • Playing and staying in the Void
  • Discerning if you are pushing something forward or something is pulling you forward
  • The dance of Stillness and Swiftness

A few pearls of wisdom to play with and try on:

  • Don't rush into a decision just to have things more fixed and secure once again.
  • Take the space to listen, imagine and moodle - even if it's uncomfortable.
  • Inquiry leads to clarity.
  • Creativity opens the portal of possibliity which leads to more easeful productivity.

And two co-creative practices:

  • I wonder...?
  • Am I pushing this or is it pulling me?

Enjoy playing with purposeful patience in your life - love to hear what you learn.

See you there


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Resources Mentioned

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