Wielding Our Co-Creative Power: 3 principles for bringing more of what we desire for ourselves & the world into reality

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

Oct 24 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

I'm going to keep this introduction to this series and episode short - so we can just dive right into what I consider one of the most powerful and accessible 'things' we have to not just survive or thrive during these times.

It is a "super power" that is so innate and natural - and so powerful - that we can slough it off as 'woo' or something 'nice' to explore on a retreat vs. something that if understood, accessed, and applied.

In many ways the overculture loves this because it keeps us distracted from how much influence we have to make a difference in how we experience our lives + how we become instruments for creating a better world. Now. And over the years to come.

This super power is called ... Co-Creation.

It's different than manifestation. It's not magical thinking. And it's the wises way leaders go from pushing, grinding and striving to actually bringing their visions into form ... without burning out or sacrificing our  lives.

It won't make everything you desire magically appear. And while it is about us as individuals, Co-Creation (see CO) is not just about us as individuals - this is where the courage, compassion, connection comes in to give us true super power.

We are starting  a 3 part conversation and exploration that will focus on Our Co Creative Power - principles, perspectives and practices.

I'll share these principles, perspectives and practices, that I've been living and teaching for well over a decade - and still live myself. You experiment in your life now, and see what happens.

This first episode is Feminine Power Time #194 - Wielding Our Co-Creative Power: 3 principles for bringing more of what we desire for ourselves & the world into reality.

This is HOW we do this time. Lean in, tune in and put into practice what feels aligned for you.

Suggestion - bring some paper and markers - we will use the co creative practice of visual thinking. Or listen one time through, and come back with your markers.

See you there!

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