Dare to End & Start Your Year Differently: 3 Perspectives + Practices to Regenerate, Create Space + Co-Create

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

Nov 20 2022 • 58 mins

I have a few questions for you: "Would you like to complete this year feeling centered and good about what you did? Start the new year feeling clear - mentally & emotionally? Like your physical space to feel clear and coherent? Like to be free of some of the relationship drama or distress in your personal or professional relationships?"

Imagine how you would feel if you had more space in the last few weeks of this year and the first few weeks of next year.

Are you exhaling yet?

Of course our answers to this possibility are YES! Choosing to downshift in November and December seems sane and what's needed.Starting the new year clear is not just a nice to have - it's what any wise person would do.

But how do you 'do' that? Especially in the chaos of the world, the many things pulling at you, and all you think you should be doing?

My council has been the same for a decade, and it's even more essential in the times we are living in. The wisdom is clear:

You put into place simple but mighty practices - rituals that create a rhythm that connects you to your deeper wisdom, and that empower to you make choices that lead to you working and living with the natural cycles. And what is in alignmnet to focus on now ... and what can be flowed to after the start of the new year.

We elevate our perspectives out of the mainstream made-up and toxic time pressures and other pressure to buy stuff, stay busy and be productive. And instead get clear and real about our value systems. And dare to make choices - big and small - that sustain vs drain us.

We use these weeks to downshift vs. upshift. Regenerate vs. get slowed down by the Universe by getting sick. Create in ways that nourish our heart and soul and spirit, so we fill our radiance, vitality and passion tanks (which have likely been depleted this year.)

Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time: Dare to End and Start Your Year Differently : 3 Perspectives + Practices to Regenerate, Create Space + Co-Create

It includes 3 practices and perspective, along with inquiries and some guided meditations that will help you

  • Complete and put energy toward what you really desire to get done and take care of - in relation to your body needs, your money management, your home space, your work & creative projects and your mental space

  • Bring 'twiggly danglers' in your relationships into coherency in a healthy way - parts of relationships professionally or personally in where something it out of whack or alignment, that you know deep down if you don't deal with will come back next year in a more dramatic way.
  • Focus on creative projects that would really nourish you, and reflow things you'd like to do but you know there's not really space to do until next year - which will create space for you to savor these next few weeks and the first weeks of the new year.

  • Give you guidance on how to put rhythm, rituals, and structures in place to downshift through the first week of January, and then upshift in the flow vs. hit the ground running.

  • Make choices that sustain you vs drain you during the holiday season.

I will also share some very specific examples of what I do to create space, relief and release this way - including just releasing 3800 emails in one hour!

Do this short power pause with me now and then come to the full Year End Reflection Ritual and Power Pause on Dec 18th www.ReflectionRitual.com

So grateful we are connected!
With heart


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