205 Receive Radiant Support from Other Good Humans (#3 of 3 in Series)

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

Feb 26 2023 • 1 hr

If you think about it, so much of the support we receive comes through the hands and hearts of other humans and so much of us not receiving the support we desire and require, also comes through our relationships (or lack of them.)

Which is why in our last in the 3 part series of "Receiving the Support You Desire & Require" we are going to and march right into the place where we have so much power to receive more support ... removing interference + opening to receive support from other humans.

I like to call this "Receiving Radiant Support" because it's the kind of support that keeps your light bright, supports your longevity of wellness and is the key to succeeding in bringing that what matters most to us in our work, purpose and lives into form.

Radiant support is also what shine the light ahead as we navigate changes, step into the unknown and manage the wobbles as we create the next and new.

This is not the time for the lone wolf, do it all yourself, or plough through.

It's not weak to need support and help from others. It's human to need a helping hand (or really hands!)

It's human to need to feel held in a bigger community and tribe.

And it's also human to have all kinds of internal interference to receiving support from others that you don't even know is there. Unconscious, distorted imprints creating more struggle and self-sabotage than you realize.

So grab your self-awareness flashlights - and let's take a deeper look to find the interference and start to move  it out .... and illuminate the streams of radiant support that you need and require in this next cycle.

  1. What kinds of good humans do you need more of in your life and connection web?
  2. What unconscious imprints are interfering with your ability to receive support?
  3. What positive imprints do you have that you can lean into to create more support?
  4. What practices and structures help you to open to receiving assistance and support?
  5. What sabotages you from asking for help, support or connection?

I will also share some of the every day practices I use to open up my capacity to receive radiant support including :

  • Moving foward through Momentum.
  • Leaning into Structure & Consistency.
  • Feminine Super Power of Connection.
  • Finding Evidence of Divine Support.
  • Gratitude Bathing.

See you there,



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