204: SELF-ADVOCACY: Honoring What You Need, No Matter What (#2 of 3 in series)

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

Feb 20 2023 • 1 hr 1 min

When we think of advocacy or being an advocate, we often think of how we show up for and support others, or take stands for the causes that matter to us - which is a beautiful thing. Today, I am inviting you to turn the energy of standing for, honoring and being a voice for others towards yourself. Self-advocacy.

What would it look like this year if you chose to be an advocate for yourself?

What would it look like to so deeply honor what you desire and require, that you were willing to stay true to yourself, even if that meant disappointing another?

What would change for you, if instead of just heading straight into all the things you desire and need to tend to, create, cause and respond to, you paused to consider what SUPPORT YOU NEED?

These are the questions I am inviting you step into in this series - Receive the Support You Desire and Require this Year.  And then, after tuning into your deeper truth and wisdom, start using your voice and your choices to create a reality in which you truly do receive the support you need.

WISDOM: “In times of stretch or stress, or when you are doing something new, ask for and receive more support, not less." (Overwhelmed and Over It page 175)

In this episode of Feminine Power Time, #204 SELF-ADVOCACY: Honoring What You Need, No Matter What, we'll explore:

  • Self-Advocacy and Self Honor - where do these live within you, and how do you access and apply their power to your daily life

  • Personal Sustability before Purpose & Responsibility - What foundations must be in place to support us to give to those we love, lead and influence

  • Investing in Support - where do you under-invest time, energy and financial resources in the support you need? And were do you invest easily?

I will take you through a guided process tuning into 4 areas of physical foundational support.  This will tune into your deeper wisdom and needs about:

  • What are the support structures you both desire + require in your physical and material foundation this next cycle - Home, Health, & Financial Flow?

  • What does stability and vitality in home, health, and wealth FEEL like for you?

  • What rhythm and pace structures will hold and support you daily, weekly. monthly and yearly this next cycle?

Tune in to explore and experiment with Self-Advocacy this year.

See you there


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