207: Career & Vocation: Wisdom for Thriving Now & Creating What’s Next (#2 of 3)

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

Mar 26 2023 • 48 mins

Consider this: You career is your path. Your vocation is your calling. Which means as long as you stay true to yourself, live your design, and stay open to learning and evolving... you will make choices in the jobs you take or don't, the 'vocations' you say yes to, and the organizations and people you choose to work with that are aligned for you.

If your career is a path, that means that it will have turns, uphills, downhills, weather systems, and unexpected events. It's not a straight line or a ladder - although the over culture conditions us to believe so.

If you are a person who has dared to follow your truth, heart and deeper knowing, you have likely stepped outside of what is deemed normal, smart or successful. Good for you! That is what we do as co-creators who feel empowered vs. cogs who follow the rules or worse sharks who eat others for lunch to get ahead.

We are at a threshold and big shift in the evolution of humanity - transformation, changes, uncertainty, structures breaking down - of which we are individually a part of.

The wise ones PAUSE to consider where we are NOW and where we want to go NEXT in our careers and the vocations we say yes to. We work with the energy intentionally vs. being worked over by it blindly.

That's why we are doing this power pause series on Feminine Power Time - Wisdom for Thriving Now & Creating What’s Next.

In this episode, #207 (#2 of 3)- we will focus on your Career (path) and Vocation (calling). I will share wisdom on both as well as take you into these 3 inquiries:

3 Co-Creative Inquiries

1. Who am I working for?

2. What am I working for Now? Am I in a Shift, a Stand & Savor, an Unsure & Stay put, a Sustainability Reset, a Service?

3. What I am moving towards Next? What is the reality I desire to fully experiencing in my career and vocation three years from now?

BONUS Inquiries:
* What is no longer sustainable or suitable to my design or today’s reality? Do I Release or Redesign?
* Where is the energy and momentum at? What do I need in the now to follow it?

Remember ... the over culture will pull you onto the go go more more more escalator or sweep you and your life force up, if you are not centered in your truth and knowing about your path, your vocation and clear on WHO you work for. Even if you say you work for yourself.

Also... We are not meant to do this alone, be lone wolves, or scouts with little to no supplies. We are meant to work in collaboration, synergy and be supported and sustained as we give our gifts and genius and live well. This is our practice, not a prescribed 7 step process :) So we apply these co-creative practices to guide they way.

See you for the conversation. Honored to be on the path with you!

With heart,

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