S2 E1: Introduction November 9th, 1938

Centropa Stories

08-03-2022 • 4 Min.

Introduction to season two of CENTROPA STORIES

Edward Serotta

Between 2002 and 2009, Tanja Eckstein interviewed 77 elderly Jews here in Vienna. More than half of them had been born here, and were lucky enough to flee after the Germans occupied the country in 1938. Our academic intern Jackie Olson spent months reading through each one of them, then selected six interviews for us.

To bring these dramatic stories to life in our second podcast season, we turned to six actors in London and six here in Vienna. That means Fabio Gschweidl, our in-house programmer and designer, set up all 12 episodes while Patrick Schmid, our resident podcast producer, created the music and sound design. Patrick was assisted by Ivo Spassov in Sofia. This season of CENTROPA STORIES was made possible by the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Jack Buncher Foundation of Pittsburgh.