018 | Which Emerging Markets are most at risk of debt distress after Covid-19?

Tomorrow – A podcast by Allianz Research

29-11-2021 • 10 Min.

Despite the global economic recovery, watch out for increased debt distress in Emerging Markets, and especially in low-income developing countries, which will need a minimum of USD450bn to step up their spending response to Covid-19. In this episode, Senior Economist Selin Ozyurt explains which countries are most at risk, and why current debt-relief initiatives will only kick the can down the road. SHOWNOTES: • Read the full report "Emerging Markets debt relief: Kicking the can down the road": https://t1p.de/l59i4 • To stay up to date with our latest publications, subscribe to the Ludonomics newsletter on LinkedIn: https://t1p.de/1ake