024 | What do higher energy prices mean for households and companies?

Tomorrow – A podcast by Allianz Research

12-04-2022 • 13 Min.

With energy prices surging in Europe, households and companies are feeling the pinch. In this episode, we speak with Ana Boata, Head of Economic Research at Allianz Trade, and Ano Kuhanathan, Head of Corporate Research, to find out how long higher energy prices could last, and which countries and sectors could be hit the hardest. SHOWNOTES: • Read the full report "The (energy) price of war for European households": https://t1p.de/kqsaw • Read the full report "Russian dolls: unwrapping corporate (commodity) dependencies": https://t1p.de/gp4n6 • To stay up to date with our latest publications, subscribe to the Ludonomics newsletter on LinkedIn: https://t1p.de/1ake