048 | Global economic outlook 2023-25: The last hike?

Tomorrow – A podcast by Allianz Research

Oct 15 2023 • 10 mins

With a recession mostly avoided and inflation mostly circumscribed, what lies ahead for the global economy? In this episode with Ana Boata, Head of Economic Research, and Jordi Basco Carrera, Lead Investment Strategist, we find out more from the latest global economic outlook for 2023 to 2025. Read the full report: Global economic outlook 2023-25: The last hike? You can also subscribe to the Ludonomics newsletter on Substack to stay up to date with all our latest research. Global Economic Outlook 2023-2025: https://www.allianz.com/en/economic_research/publications/specials_fmo/2023_10_04-Global-Economic-Outlook.html Ludonomics newsletter: https://ludovicsubran.substack.com/