029 | Could the war in Ukraine spark a global food crisis?

Tomorrow – A podcast by Allianz Research

21-06-2022 • 12 Min.

Global food prices have surged by 56% as the war in Ukraine disrupts supplies of wheat, corn and sunflower oil. This could put millions of people at risk of food insecurity, amplifying the risk of social unrest in several emerging markets. We find out more in this episode with Patricia Pelayo Romero, Expert in insurance and Senior Sector Advisor Aurélien Duthoit. SHOWNOTES: • Read the full reports: "European food inflation - and the loser is the consumer": https://t1p.de/4yp35 and "Eleven countries at high risk of a food crisis": https://t1p.de/jfj9y • To stay up to date with our latest publications, subscribe to the Ludonomics newsletter on LinkedIn: https://t1p.de/1ake