026 | How will exporters adapt to troubled trade in 2022?

Tomorrow – A podcast by Allianz Research

09-05-2022 • 17 Min.

In our Allianz Trade Global Survey 2022, we decided to check the pulse of exporters in the US, China, the UK, France, Italy and Germany. Two surveys were carried out – one before the start of the invasion of Ukraine and one after, involving nearly 3,000 corporates. In this episode, we dive into the results with Ano Kuhanathan, Head of Corporate Research, and Françoise Huang, Senior Economist for APAC and Trade, at Allianz Trade. SHOWNOTES: • Read the full report "Allianz Trade Global Survey 2022": https://t1p.de/prnu • To stay up to date with our latest publications, subscribe to the Ludonomics newsletter on LinkedIn: https://t1p.de/1ake