Fighting Food Insecurity with Stacy Dykstra & Keeley White of Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

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Sep 13 2022 • 18 mins

Every day nearly 584,000 Oklahomans face food insecurity and about 200,000 of those individuals are children. The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma serves 53 counties and more than 1,300 community partners to combat food insecurity.

This is critical to addressing health outcomes in Oklahoma, as food security is a key social determinant of health that influences overall quality of life.

In this episode, Stacy Dykstra – Chief Executive Officer – and Keeley White – Director of Community Health Programs – from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma offer an in-depth look at the role food insecurity plays in overall health outcomes in our state and discuss how the nonprofit leverages partnerships with local organizations to create greater access to nutritional food for Oklahomans.