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English Fluency, Ai, Art and the Democratisation of the Learning Experience #83
Jun 20 2023
English Fluency, Ai, Art and the Democratisation of the Learning Experience #83
Cross -publication (Episode 83), is actually an introduction to the main event, which unexpectedly unfolded in such a way that I chose to publish it under my second show "Life is Feeling - Counting the Ways" as episode 16.  Show Description (intro 1):  https://trainingtree.de/podcastnotes/english-fluency-ai-art-and-the-democratisation-of-the-learning-experience-83/ Exclusive Videos and Full Show (intro 2):  https://iantonio.com/life-is-feeling/16-human-touch-the-essential-difference-language-learning-fluency-art-and-ai/#exclusive Training Event: https://iantonio.com/ecp-events-literature/english-class-maerchen-mal-anders/ Lernveranstaltung: Bitte melde dein Interesse hier (oder unten) an, um weitere Informationen und eine Einladung zu erhalten. Visit official ShowPage for Associated Links, Course Memberships, Guest Registrations, Exclusive-Videos, Extras and More at: www.EnglishCoachPodcast.com  JOIN private Listeners' Group at: https://trainingtree.de/mobile/Top 3 Episodes: https://trainingtree.de/category/top-3-shows/Top 10 Episodes: https://trainingtree.de/category/top-10-shows/Cross-promotional series: https://trainingtree.de/tag/cross-promotion/All ShowNotes at: https://trainingtree.de/category/podcastnotes/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/englishcoachpodcast/ The inclusiveness of the whole show is in and of itself activist - affirmative - unpretentious - independent - empowering. iAntonio.media Production