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Deliberately personal, authentic, and inclusive - independent podcast. Trainer/Coach on exemplary stories in work-life, language, & the everyday - in a fun & interesting way. www.EnglishCoachPodcast.com DE "Verbessern und erhalten Sie Ihre Sprachgewandtheit." Communicate with a fluency, confidence & sovereignty - grounded on cognitive diversity and true-to-life context. PERSON: Ian Antonio Patterson – host and producer of the English Coach Podcast, presents as an Independent Education Entrepreneur. Language trainer, coach, and creator – whose works enhance the contextual adult learning experience with rich media – and the backing of various formal and self-taught faculties. PRIVACY: this podcast neither tracks, nor stalks its users (host's assurance). No self-sanctioned ad-insertion or attribution, no user data sharing with 3rd parties anywhere.

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Re-introducing episode 33 - originally published 17.10.2020 - with Anna Royon Weigelt - as the penultimate episode of season 3. Why not Sign-up to Join Private Listeners' Group ?!  | Visit Showpages for more: www.EnglishCoachPodcast.com  |  Shownotes: https://trainingtree.de/category/podcastnotes/ Shownotes: https://trainingtree.de/podcastnotes/language-and-cultural-fluidity-the-dance-with-our-different-selves-33/ We look at what I like to call cultural fluidity. We converse with the rather daring idea – of accepting the different personalities (so to speak) that constitute the whole person in all of us and about recognising all of them – individually – perhaps as its own unique asset. A particularly rich conversation – that captures the essence of insight shared – between friends dear I say – all in keeping with the free authentic spirit of independent Podcasting. This Episode of the English Coach Podcast - like all the rest takes my usual relaxed accessible human approach – to your learning experience. So what’s in it for you?! Myths – around using a shared language and examples of where in real life – things can in fact go wrong as a result of larger cultural differences.We explore specific instances – of using something that is usually seen as an uncomfortable challenge, instead as an opportunity to improve, an opportunity not only to inform but to also to communicate – and get what YOU want.We agree that awareness of all these factors could go on to reduce the stresses of remote work. See shownotes for more Shownotes: https://trainingtree.de/podcastnotes/language-and-cultural-fluidity-the-dance-with-our-different-selves-33/ The inclusiveness of the whole show is in and of itself activist - affirmative - unpretentious - independent - empowering.
9 Min.