#55 Berufen statt zertifiziert - Neues lernen neue Chancen

English Coach Podcast - Living the Language

28-06-2021 • 52 Min.

As a Trainer and Coach of English Language for Work - my goal is still to enrich the adult learning experience - in a fun and interesting way. Today we do it in German primarily because that is the native language of most of my course participants.

Published as the second in June 2021 to commemorate Pride Month - and in celebration of inclusion, the episode dives into conversation on ideas and facts shared in a recently published book “Berufen statt zertifiziert – neues Lernen neue Chancen” by a dear friend and colleague of mine Anja – who dare I say shares at least some of the that values I do.

ShowGuest: Dr C Anja Wagner - Conversing with Ideas

ShowNotes Full - https://wp.me/pbVN7i-1nQ/#links

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The inclusiveness of the whole show is in and of itself activist - affirmative - unpretentious - independent - empowering.