#57 Beginner's Best Choice - (50mm)

English Coach Podcast - Living the Language

06-11-2021 • 15 Min.

The Show – has always been about enriching the learning experience in a fun and interesting way. Episode 57 is the launch of Season 5 and an introduction of a feature film to be released in November 2021.

The film is for those of you who are also interested in photography – and is where we take a deep dive into 31 aspects – of learning and producing interesting images – through a 50mm lens. Filmed in Berlin on January 16, 2021 – the interview follows the same tradition of this whole podcast initiative – where “Living the Language” still means keeping your language by using it for real things – and things you like.

ShowGuest: Eberhard Philipp Heck

ShowNotes Full and Link to where the Video will be Published in November 2021 - https://wp.me/pbVN7i-1q5/#release

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