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DX Podcast #19 w/ Valentin Spiess
DX Podcast #19 w/ Valentin Spiess
Welcome back to our second season of our DX Podcast. For the 19th episode, we have a very special guest: Valentin Spiess, founder, and CEO of iart. As a trained electrical engineer, he has worked in New Media since 1993. His earliest projects were collaborations with artists: realizing their media installations and developing new strategies where the demanded technology did not exist yet. Recognizing the engineering and innovation gap in New Media, he founded iart in 2001—a studio dedicated to the development and realization of media projects. Since then, iart has grown to an interdisciplinary team of over 50, specialized in the conception, planning, and execution of media architectures. The studio enhances physical spaces with digital technology, thus enabling novel experiences. To date, iart has collaborated with internationally renowned architects, developers, artists, and museums, garnering numerous design awards around the globe.Even though they operate their projects on a very international level, Valentin and his team never forgot their roots: Basel and its region. iart was involved in many projects for local institutions in Basel, such as the architectural light panel, so-called “Light Fries” of the Fine Arts Museum Basel, including many of its installations, as well as their most recent project for Novartis’ Pavillon and many more.In 2016 Valentin founded the non-profit innovative network Fluxdock. It enables iart and many other companies to extend its interdisciplinary and agile methods to a network by making appropriate infrastructure and tools available for collaborations. Be sure to check out iart’s website and get to know more about their interdisciplinary team and their fascinating projects!Many thanks to Thomas Rechberger for providing the soundtrack!Don’t forget to visit WONDROUS’ website for more information or follow us on Instagram or Twitter. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.