Episode #4 - Gaming IPs vs. Mainstream Entertainment IPs: The Mobile Gaming Conundrum

Pixelated Projections

Aug 23 2023 • 6 mins

Pixelated Projections: Venture into the world where AI, blockchain, and Web 3 are revolutionizing the creation of IPs for TV and games. Explore the cutting-edge intersection of these technologies as they reshape storytelling and redefine intellectual property. Join us on this dynamic journey, piecing together the next chapter of entertainment, pixel by pixel.

In this episode of "Pixelated Projections," we explore the dynamic clash between beloved gaming IPs and mainstream entertainment IPs in the world of mobile gaming. Through data from 2020, we uncover how IPs like Pokémon GO and Call of Duty: Mobile dominated revenue charts, reshaping the mobile gaming landscape. Discover the growth trajectory and impact of these IPs, while also delving into the challenges of leveraging well-known IPs in a competitive market. As we examine genre patterns and pitfalls, we unveil the key to success—captivating gameplay, understanding player sentiment, and adapting to mobile platform dynamics. Tune in to witness the battle for dominance in the mobile gaming realm!