Episode #6 - IP-CRAZE: From Toy Box to Box Office: The AI-Powered Rise of Mattel’s Entertainment Empire

Pixelated Projections

Aug 30 2023 • 7 mins

In this episode, we discuss Mattel’s foray into the world of movies, powered by an AI co-star that’s supercharging the hype train. We delve into the success of Greta Gerwig’s directorial masterpiece “Barbie,” which has demolished box office records with an astounding global opening weekend, raking in an unparalleled $377m 1. This landmark achievement stakes a claim for the most triumphant debut ever helmed by a female director. With a resplendent tally of $155m in North American ticket sales alone, spanning over 4,243 venues, “Barbie” has outshone The Super Mario Bros Movie and every Marvel spectacle released this year, asserting itself as the most monumental opening of the year 1.

The success of “Barbie” is attributed to a fusion of beloved IP and AI-powered promotion. And, for Mattel, it seems the Barbie movie is just the curtain-raiser. Drawing from the emerging trend of IP-led entertainment — a path forged by Disney’s acquisitions of Marvel and Star Wars — Mattel is preparing a cinematic onslaught, creating a ‘Mattel Universe’. And by leveraging AI, they’re amplifying their buzz, and ultimately, their box office potential 1.

The hype around Barbie has emboldened Mattel to plan up to 45 more films based on their vast toy catalogue. From Polly Pocket to Hot Wheels, Mattel is set to create a cinematic universe that will rival even Disney’s .

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