Episode #5 - Strike in Hollywood. NFTs and Smart Contracts could be part of the answer…

Pixelated Projections

Aug 26 2023 • 7 mins

"Pixelated Projections: Venture into the world where AI, blockchain, and Web 3 are revolutionizing the creation of IPs for TV and games. Explore the cutting-edge intersection of these technologies as they reshape storytelling and redefine intellectual property. Join us on this dynamic journey, piecing together the next chapter of entertainment, pixel by pixel." 🌐🎥 Immerse yourself in the groundbreaking confluence of blockchain, NFTs, AI, and the entertainment industry with the "Pixelated Projections" podcast. As the go-to source for the latest developments at the crossroads of technology and Hollywood, we demystify the digital innovations reshaping the cinematic landscape. Navigate the world of non-fungible tokens, understand the implications of AI in film, and get ahead with expert analyses. Ideal for tech enthusiasts, movie buffs, and industry professionals seeking informed, engaging discussions on the digital frontier. Subscribe now for a front-row seat to the future of entertainment.🔍🎬