Embrace Risk, Build Your Brand w/Brigitte Bojkowszky at Are You Brave Enough hosted by Karen A. Bulluck


Aug 21 2023 • 25 mins

In this episode, we're embarking on a journey inspired by a thought-provoking conversation with a fellow visionary, the remarkable Karen A. Bulluck, risk-taking coach and the founder of Daring To Transcend as well as a number 1 bestselling author.

On her new show "Are You Brave Enough" I delved into the very essence of why I'm not afraid to be the first, sharing insights that have the potential to transform your perspective on risk and branding.

As I reflected on my own journey, I laid out my insights on the synergy between risk-taking and personal branding.

We'll explore how embracing risks can set the stage for you to craft an authentic and compelling brand story.

From daring to step into the unknown to the rewards of staying true to yourself, this episode is turning challenges into stepping stones toward brand greatness.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we unravel the power of embracing risk to build an unshakable brand identity.

Karen Ann Bulluck is a risk-taking coach, speaker, author, and founder of DARING TO TRANSCENDTM.  She partners with women leaders to push beyond limits in their leadership, career, and lives so that they can make an extraordinary impact. Karen was the first woman promoted to Executive Vice President at AM Best Company. Her career was marked by taking the risks to make many cross-disciplinary changes and have an impact on a wide variety of people and processes. Karen is an engaging and inspiring speaker and the author of the bestselling novel, Discovering Power: Book 1 of The Ascending Ladders Series. Book 2 of the series, Pursuing Truth, will be released on Sept. 28, 2023. She is also a contributing author to three international bestselling anthologies.

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