Positionen: Forms, Patterns and TITANE

Projektionen Podcasts

07-05-2022 • 1 Std. 28 Min.

Eugenie Brinkema is working on what form means in the context of film theory. She is Associate Professor of Contemporary Literature and Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and with her writings she challenges concepts of film analysis we feel so used to. In her book THE FORMS OF THE AFFECTS she argued for a close reading of films: affects are not on the surface of a film, they are "written" in the form. With her new book LIFE DESTROYING DIAGRAMS, she is radicalizing her radical formalism: reading a film is an adventure in a formal analysis. Patterns, rhythms, lines and deadly grids. In this special and highly philosophical episode, Sebastian is talking with Eugenie about TITANE, philosophy, forms, colours and a lot more.