The new Instagram Live - Why it will spark innovation in streaming

Live-Broadcasting.Rocks: LIVE Video-Streaming Trends, Technology & Mindset - by Daniel Schwenger

Nov 21 2022 • 6 mins

Thanks to a new feature, Instagram users will soon be able to go live with streaming platforms directly from their desktops. By using live-streaming software, users can now go live simultaneously on multiple networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. By using streaming platforms like Ecamm Live, Streamyard or Restream, the live videos will also get a more professional look.

With this step, Instagram could succeed in becoming the top live-streaming platform. In the U.S., Instagram lags behind only other networks like YouTube and Facebook in user popularity. As for the number of global users, Instagram is already on a high since mid-2018, user numbers have doubled to 2 billion.

As of early November 2022, the announced feature is still in testing with a small group of people. First leaks and videos from the test phase have already surfaced on social media. In the podcast, I present initial testimonials from Marielou Mandl and speak with Katie Fawkes, Marketing Director of Ecamm Live.

In the podcast, you'll get an insight into how going live with Instagram Producer works. I'll explain the advantages, and how the new feature will give a boost to live videos in vertical format and could also shake up the entire streaming market.


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