The Art of Stand-up Comedy - with Jeff Hallman & Matthias Ludwig

The CrÆtive Mind - a Podcast by Maike Döhling

Oct 20 2022 • 1 hr 39 mins

It was such a pleasure to talk with the new born stand-up comedians Matthias Ludwig and Jeff Hallman about their new adventure. Both actors, they are now discovering the world of stand-up comedy. In this episode we talk about:

🎤 How they both got into stand-up comedy

🎤 There first shows and dealing with nervousness

🎤 How they deal with no laughter

🎤 The writing process

🎤 The different ways of getting into a creative flow

🎤 Their purpose with stand-up comedy

🎤 What makes a great comedian or comedy show

🎤 The role of the audience

🎤 The differences between the acting and the stand-up comedy world.

🎤 How comedy can also be therapeutic

And much more.

Enjoy the conversation!

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Matthias Ludwig: @matthias_ludwig

Jeff Hallman: @jeffreyleehallman


Matthias Ludwig

Jeff Hallman

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