Dreamwork for Artists - with Janina Picard

The CrÆtive Mind - a Podcast by Maike Döhling

May 1 2023 • 1 hr 25 mins

My guest in today’s episode is actress, voice artist and dreamwork facilitator Janina Picard. We will be talking about her path as an actress and how to collaborate with your inner world through Dreamwork.

In this episode we talk about:

✨How Janina got in contact with the acting world.

✨How she ended up living in New York and how Dreamwork found her.

✨Her approach to acting and what healing through acting means.

✨What martial arts and the beauty of stillness taught her.

✨How her meditation practice looks like.

✨What dreamwork is.

✨How you integrate dream experiences.

✨How you can use your dreams to develop a toolbox for you as an artist.

✨Why the dream world is not only present at night

✨How to connect to source on set.

And so much more!

Enjoy the conversations!

With love,

Maike & Janina

Important Links:

Janina Picard:

Instagram: @janinapicard

Homepage: https://dreamworkforartists.com/


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