Let´s talk sustainability and environmental awareness at TUM

Campus after hours

07-06-2021 • 36 Min.

Climate change and sustainability have become huge topics over the past decade, especially in the political and corporate environment. Our guests, Jil and Clemens, don´t think that´s enough, so they joined a student initiative focussing on sustainability awareness at University, the so-called "Umweltreferat".

Listen to our hosts talk to them and discuss their awareness vision and their view on climate change and political and corporate action. They also discuss their student initiative, which creates a platform for students to turn their personal sustainability projects into a reality. This platform is combined with a lecture series about environmental awareness and multiple other projects to make the Umweltreferat have its own massive share in giving TUMs future engineers the hard facts about climate change.

Really check out their website, if you want to know more about them!