UFO UAP & Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Call out to Witnesses Episode #1

2020 Defense Network Podcast

Sep 21 2022 • 17 mins

Podcast #1 is a call out to UFO/UAP Witness.  I am a 30+ year Former Federal Investigator who specialized in Electronic Surveillance & Firearms who is diving into the UAP/UFO Phenom, Seeking witness for interviews.  I will absolutely protect your identity and hear your testimony.   If you are a NDA signing witness let's talk.  If you are a contractor or former MIL/FED who has seen something I'll listen.  If you are a regular Joe civilian who has witnessed something reach out to me.

Check out our facebook group, UAP/UFO Investigations of the Midwest page.  You can reach out to me @2020defense on Twitter, or email me at 2020defensepodcast@hotmail.com