Progress Report Season II Episode 6 - Mrs. Hyacinth Bradley, Community Services Planner

Progress Report

Oct 6 2022 • 1 hr 3 mins

We sit with the Community Services Planner to discuss the launch of the National Parenting Programme; Family First. The National Parenting Programme is another step in Anguilla’s quest to strengthen the family as a vital unit in society through the building and supporting of healthy relationship among family members, and the wider  community. Family First will address key issues faced by today’s parents:

-  Ensure all parents have easy access to clear, concise information on everything from pregnancy to the teenage years and beyond.

- Offer informed, coordinated support to enable parents to develop their parenting skills, whatever their need, wherever they live, whether they live together or apart.

- Provide targeted support to families facing additional pressures that impact on day-to-day parenting.

- Acknowledge and address the wider issues that can affect parents’ abilities to provide a nurturing environment and care for their child.