Three Guiding Principles for Successful Communication

Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques

Feb 14 2023 • 24 mins

To celebrate our 75th episode, we hosted a live "Ask Me Anything" event with Matt. In this global gathering, listeners called in with questions ranging from making a first impression and giving negative feedback to presenting virtually and the worst communication advice Matt's ever received. In addition to audience questions, Matt also shares a short lecture to outline his top three guiding principles when it comes to being a confidence speaker and leader.

Show Notes:

[2:00] Know Your Audience: First and foremost is their knowledge level relative to the topic that we're discussing. Do they know a lot or do they know just a little?

Three guiding principles for Successful Communication

[3:51] Principle 1. Set Your Communication Goal: A goal has three major parts: information, emotion, and action. The best metric of success is: Is your audience leaving knowing what you want them to know? Feeling how you want them to feel? And doing what you want them to do?

[5:08] Principle 2. Structure your message. Using: What, So What, Now What.

[7:10] Principle 3. The Art of the Paraphrase.

[9:14] Using Paraphrasing to move a conversation forward

[11:01] Ask me anything:

[11:24] Question 1: What is the worst communication advice that you have ever given or received?

[13:11] Question 2: How can you try to understand the expectations or knowledge or background of your audience in order to make your presentation effective?

[16:05] Question 3: How do I communicate negative feedback to a colleague, especially when there's an action step involved?

[18:30] Question 4: How would you make your first impression?

[22:00] Question 5: How has virtual communication changed the way we communicate?

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