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To make your laydays sound even better we invented layday grooves. Our tracks are all made by different DJ’s. We worked out a color code so you can see the mood of the track before even listening to it. This makes it really easy for you to find the right track matching your temper, like traffic lights. The color range starts from pink-red for more pugnacious tracks, to green-blue for the laidback stuff. read less
05 - sunrise-to-sunset boogies
Feb 19 2018
05 - sunrise-to-sunset boogies
dj: el florage 01 California Soul Marlena Shaw Jazzman Rec. 02 damn Sam, the miracle Man 03 love Star And Taylor. Tay-Ster Rec. 04 don’t joke wird a hungry man    05 Sparky wilson  and the quantic soul orchestra, Thru thoughts rec. 06 Moments of truth - Earth Wind and Fire, Warner Bros.rec. 07 Down to river - third guitar, Rojac rec 08 Marvins groove - .W. Souls, round rec 09 Cramp your style. - All the people, Blue candle rec 10 Lou Courtney hey Joyce, Milk rec 11 The house that jack built Aretha Franklin , Atlantic rec 12 The manhattans fever, De luxe rec 13 Sexy coffee pot. Tony Alvin and the Belarus, Atlantic rc 14 I want to. Little jewel, tay-ster rec 15 The champ the mohawks, pama rec  16 Nobody but you babe. Clarence Reid , Alston rec 17 Boogie shoes. K.c. And the sunshine band, RCA rec 18 Cool aid Paul Humphrey. And his cool aid chemists, Lizard rec. 19 Big maybelle I can’t wait any longer, Rojac rec 20 Slingshot pt 1. The Broken keys. ,Thru thought rec 21 Express yourself.  Charles Wright and the Watts , Warner bros. Rec 22 Here comes the meter man. The meters. Josie rec 23 Can you dig it - Chico and Budd, Tay-Ster rec  24 Getting the corners.  The T.s.u tornadoes, Atlantic rec  25 Funky music is the new thing pt 2  the dynamic corvettes, Abet etc 26 Sex machine James brown , Polydor rec 27 Soul je t ‘aime  Sylvia and Ralfi pagan, Vibrations rec ~~ thanks to all the labels and artists for their music layday grooves presented by