#21 Automation Talk - Building a Well-Oiled Automation Machine: 87 LIVE Bots and Beyond! with Julia Heckenthaler

Bots & People

Jan 23 2023 • 47 mins

In today's episode, Louise is delighted to welcome her next guest, Julia Heckenthaler, a well-versed supply chain and RPA professional with a demonstrated history of working in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

In this episode, she recaps some milestones in her career in the US and Julia specifically shares her experience with building up a Center of Expertise as they called it, in the Supply Chain department.

Julia looks back at how she got started, especially at how she managed to scale the team to a well-oiled machine with 87 live bots.

Finally, Julia shares some words of wisdom on how to sustainably create a more efficient and compliant supply chain operation.

Enjoy listening!

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