Playlist Recommended

1Feiste Räuber2Regulator3We Will Rise4Big City Nights (2015 - Remaster)5Caught Somewhere in Time (2015 Remaster)6Thunder God7Into the Pit8May Today Become the Day9Böse10System11The Art of War12First Date13We Drink Your Blood14Enlighten Me15Red, Hot And Heavy (Album Version)16Toxicity17Don't Stop Believin'18Community Property19Sex on Fire20Lonely21Yahweh22Self Hate23Kreyson24Brave New World25Unfuck The World26Taking My Chances27Confusion to the Enemy28Electric Sunrise29Get Your Hands In The Air30Mouth For War31Neon Knights (2009 Remaster)32Fall to Pieces33Yankee Rose34Fortunate Son35Life's Sweet Drug36Princes Of The Universe (Remastered 2011)37Fever38Addicted to Pain39Cut the Cord40Dream Deceiver41Blood from Above42Dead and Gone43Molten Black Earth44Big Boys Don't Cry45Heaven and Hell (Live from Radio City Music Hall)46Feed My Frankenstein (Live)47Prey (Live at Wacken)48The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears (Live 2012)49In Your Face (Live)50Stone the Crow51Land of Light (Live)52Cloud Connected53King of the Dead End Road54Within the Mind (Live at Streets, New Rochelle, NY March 17th, 1990)55Chopped in Half56Sacrificial Suicide57Fall from Grace58Since You've Gone59Forever Young60Rosalie61Dirty Love62Over the Wall63Curiosity, Pt. 264A Dandelion Cipher65Destruction66Long Coal Train67Inner Assassins68Rám Křivejch Zrcadel69Uteč, dokud se dá70Dej Nám Sílu Žít71Zizen72Chernobyl73Stockholm74From The Ashes75Down from the Sky76Disciple77The Enemy Inside78Break79Fade Away80Otsegolation81Mushroom Cloud82X-Ray Visions83Titans of the Void84Boring85Wcdtos (Six Years)86Forlorn Hope87Early Reflections88Wicked Sensation89Heroes90Push91Six String Therapy92Bodom Beach Terror93Borderlands94Honey, You're a Nazi95Black The Sky96Shine97Down Deep Into The Pain (Album Version)98Didn't Know It Was Love99Hard to Say Goodbye100Surf Nicaragua101Beyond the Realms of Death102Nowhere to Hide103Hellbound104Mother Head's Family Reunion (Remastered)105California Dreamin'106Kiss the Lizard10717th Century Chicken Pickin'108Saga City109Goodbye Divinity110BLOW111Watch the Children Pray112Roll the Fire113Seasons of Destruction114Thundersteel115Ótta116Eyes Of A Stranger (Remastered 2003)117Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)118Hello from the Gutter119Caught In A Mosh120Superpower121Musicology122Hot Dog (Remaster)123Fox on the Run (Single Version)124Breaking the Chains125Kiss of Death126I Wanna Rock127Shake Me128Death To All But Metal129The Ballroom Blitz130Solid Ball of Rock131Klavier132Stars133Centre of Eternity134Comin' Home Baby (with Boyz II Men)135Midnight Mover136Walk All Over You137Cochise138A Man I'll Never Be139Hell Yeah!140No Easy Way Out (From "Rocky IV" Soundtrack)