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Curated by Amazon-Musikredaktion

Fresh Metal

Curated by Amazon-Musikredaktion

Jede Woche neuer Metal und Hard-Rock.


1In The Mean Time feat. Ash Costello2Call Me A Symbol (Live in Los Angeles)3Her Dominion4Twilight (Remix 2024)5Thirst Snake6Rapture7Under The Skin8The Well Within (Live at dunk!studios)9Creature Of The Wheel (Cover Version)10Die Unterwerfung11Masterpiece of Chaos12Like A Nightmare13At the End of the World14The Cleansing15Beyond the Pale16In The Flood (Machine Version)17Valhalla Calling18Love Beyond The Grave19Hideg fém20Deathlike Silence21La Ira22Epitaph23Angels Weep24Spiral25Window To The All26Stasis27Uncontrolled28The Unforgiven II29Schwarzer Strand30Haunter31This Is The Way (feat. DMX)32Rankarumpu33The Order Of Fear34Purity of Purpose35Doomsday Parade36Killer Machine37AWOL38Through My Head39The Reckoning40RAINBOWS41淨化 Purge42Bad Karma43End Of Illusions44A Brave New Hope45The Other Side of the Nail46Ancient Winter Goddess (1993 Remastered)47Sekte (Rock Remix)48Killstar (The Cold World)49Obscurity50Dragons Never Die51Murder852DAHLIA53LEAVE ME ALONE54Hammer of the Gods55Uzbekistan56MAGNETIC57Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite) (Remastered 2024)58More Than Many, Never One59LIES WE TELL OURSELVES60AESEL61You Only Live Once (Suicide Silence Cover)62Slayer of Kings (Live at Masters of Rock 2023)63Broken Home64In Quest of Love65Don't Lose The Path66Assassination67Empire68Insanium69Better Off70Left on Mars71The Black72MONEY73The 2nd of Three Bells74In the Twilight Grey75Violence Solves Everything Part II (The end of a dream)76Oraakkelit77Luxusuniform78Nothing Left To Lose But The Chains79Reign80Ad Infernum81Invincible Shield82Don’t Look Away83Hallo84Whenever You're Ready85Working Man (Regular Version)86MURDER87Hammered88Verminous Embodiment89The Last Imagination90Within Worlds91Carry On92Wide Awake93Fireball94XOXO95Many Doors to Hell96蘇醒 Frailty97Wonderland98M.U.T.O. (Live at Wacken Open Air 2023)99Feed100The Serpent and the King101The Catalyst102The Four Horsemen (feat. Robert Trujillo)103In Eternity104The Wild Lingers105Goat On Fire (1993 Remastered)106Sever107Void108Greetings From Below109In the Dark110Guide You111Silver Romance112A Sinner's Past113READY ROCK114TO THE FLOWERS115Heart in Pain116Psychotic Banana117CAST AWAY118Burning Down119Continuum120Fallout (Reimagined)121LIGHTHOUSE122Become One123Sleep With The Devil124Moon125Deadly Intentions (Cover Version)126Outcast127Axes128Fieberherz129Snake In The Grass130Forest Dweller (Alternate Version)131Thornwyck Hymn132Slaves To The Feed133HIGHER134ARE YOU AFRAID?135Barely Breathing (feat. Against The Current)