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Fresh Jazz

Curated by Amazon’s Music Experts and Updated Fridays

Hier präsentieren wir Jede Woche ausgewählte Neuerscheinungen im Jazz.


1Era's End2Libations: Uxolo3The Curtain - Live From Dordrecht, Het Energiehuis / 2014 (Bonus Version)4Baubles, Bangles and Beads5Where Do We Go?6Wanna Feelin' [feat. Carlos Sarduy & Irving Acao & Gastón Joya & Yaroldy Abreu & Rodney Barreto & Pedrito Martinez]7Sasquatch8Carrying the Stick9Birthworkers Magic, and how we get hear . . .10Nirvana11Signe12Whisper Not (Snapshot - theme, 2 saxes interplay)13Light and Shadow14From Dust15Instant Relief (Live)16Three Colours of the Sun (Part Three)17Two Thousand One Years Ago18This Nearly Was Mine19Life Signs20Ajala21Camille22Ti Roro Yanvalou (Sen Jak)23The Devil In The Details24L'AMANTE BUGIARDO25Jangada no forró26Hide To Seek (Regrown)27From This Moment On28Blues 1 & 8 (Live)29Paint It Blue30X is closer to A31Levees (Live/Umbria Jazz Orchestra) [feat. Manuele Morbidini & Rudy Royston & Thomas Morgan & Umbria Jazz Orchestra]32Whiskey33Deep34Secret House35Never Gonna Leave36Scrutiny37Knowingness38Rain Check39Breathing Wish40Snowcap41Aria for Anna42Revival43Bebop, of Course44Soft45Galaha46Rudy-Go-Round (Live)47Snake Plant Shuffle48Moth to the Flame49Sad to Say