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Curated by Amazon-Musikredaktion

Best of 2010er: Rock, Hardrock & Metal

Curated by Amazon-Musikredaktion

Die besten Rock-, Hardrock- und Metal-Songs aus dem vergangenen Jahrzehnt.


1The Sound of Silence2BURN IT DOWN3Afraid of Heights4Rope5Deutschland6Victorious7For Evigt [feat. Johan Olsen]8medicine9Centuries10Uprising11Biblical12Runaways (Album Version)13Radioactive14Dark Necessities15When The Curtain Falls16Do I Wanna Know?17Lonely Boy18Prophets Of Rage19Made An America20Solway Firth21Lift Me Up22Renegades23The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)24Songs für Liam25Never Never26Hollow27Atlas, Rise!28I Miss the Misery29Rock City [feat. Lemmy Kilmister]30Maschin31Figure It Out32Been Away Too Long33God Is Dead?34Radioactive35Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall36Stressed Out37Tage wie diese38Hollywood Hills39Gentleman of the Year40We Are41White Trash Millionaire427empest43Burn the Witch44Ballad Of The Mighty I45Bang Bang46Wolves of Winter47Tragedy + Time48Bored To Death49Trip Switch50Inhaler51Dann ohne mich52Ist da jemand?53stevie54Angel55What Are You Waiting For?56Heaven Knows57Best Day Of My Life58Bussi Baby59Angels Fall60Unsainted61Satellite62Close to the Sun63Promises, Promises64Reflektor65Lazarus66If I Had a Tail67Everybody Wants to Be an Astronaut68Go Right Ahead69Schüsse in die Luft70Up In The Air71Coming For You72Cry of Achilles73Lass die Musik an74Red Eyes75I'm Shakin'76Sail77Altes Fieber78Zum Laichen und Sterben ziehen die Lachse den Fluss hinauf79K.B.A.G.80I Am Machine81Live It Up82Einer muss den Job ja machen83Applaus, Applaus84Sure and Certain85Still into You86This Is Gospel87Footsteps88Final Masquerade89State of My Head90Lydia91Sirens92Zucker93Im Club94In The Dark95Words As Weapons96World on Fire97Weatherman98Shock Me99Oh No100My House