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Hey, Hi

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Indie-leaning, heavy on the vibes - music you'll want to get acquainted with. Cover: Mitski


1HMU2Magazine3Love Me More4KEEP IT UP5Adore You6I Love You So (King Henry Remix)7Glitter8and i'd go a thousand miles9Too Late Now10NW311SUGAR12I must apologise13Be Careful14Washing Machine Heart15Social Suicide16then i met her17changes18y 1319So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings20Memory21EXPIRATION DATE22i will wait23Tommy24Hard Being Alive25Lost (Album Version)26Pope Is a Rockstar27All my friends know (Anz Remix)28Velcro29Prom Queen30people don't change31The Only Heartbreaker32Little Bother33Jealous34No Choice35Once Twice Melody36bad friend37Certified Fool38It's Easy39Dizzy (feat. Thomas Headon and Alfie Templeman)40Moonlight41darjeeling (feat jorja smith & unknown t)42I hope that u think of me43all my ghosts44Voyage45When It's Too Good46Right Down The Line47IDC48don't miss me49Anthony Kiedis50Dark Beach51Chaise Longue52Rapture in Blue53Watching Strangers Smile54In The Eyes Of Our Love55Faultline56Steal My Sunshine (feat. Cherry Glazerr)57ACTION (with ZAZEN BOYS)58Reason59A Piece Of Your Mind60The Dress61grateful62MESS U MADE63Street You Live On64Up Granville65That I Won't Do66Flipside67Casita68Bunny Is A Rider69Let's go to Hell70I Hate U71Look Out!72Swimming Pool73Come My Way (feat. Krayzie Bone)74Altar75Yards / Gardens76Better Than I Know Myself77Winona78Butterflies in August (Amazon Original)79Intimidated80Best Part (Amazon Original)81I Don't Want to Talk82Baby (Amazon Original)83Build Me a Way (Single Version)84Sugar85Hush (Still Woozy Remix)86Only You Know87Phone Numbers88Teenage Dirtbag (feat. chloe moriondo)89Easy On Them Turns90Dipshit91Darkness Of The Night92Coca Cola93Woof94SYNCOPATE95spinnin96Bad Life (feat. Kali Uchis)97All Damn Day!98black & mild99Baby Don't Cry100Doctor101Come Back Baby (Slowed)102en quatre103All My Time Is Wasted104Scab Song105Funk Olympics106Wish You Well107I Love You So108Clementine109Doesn't Matter110Smithereens111Cantares112Glow113Lie Love Lullaby114NEO115HEADSTART116Depends On What I Know117concrete118Bound119Wisdom Tooth120feeling this bad (v2)121Crying In The Club122Closure (feat. Calica)123Waitin' On Ya (Remix)124Pain125Pretty Pictures126Grade A127tell me what you want128Days Like Lost Dogs129are you?130Too Good (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)131Home Videos132Sometime133ARE YOU LETTING GO?134Charmander135Watch Me Heal136Chicken Wings (Remix)137Meet Me At Our Spot (Live)138Feel it Now139Little Things