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Guided Meditation

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Explore guided meditations from a variety of teachers. Cover: Annie Clarke


1Start The Day Positively: A Guided Meditation2Lawson: nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing)3Balancing Your Chakras45 Minute Morning Meditation5Lawson: diaphragmatic (belly breathing)6Focus: A Guided Meditation7Guided Gratitude Meditation: Grounding in the Four Elements8Acceptance9Guided Physical Relaxation for a Restful Sleep10Allowing Rest (Awake Ending)11The Light12Guided Meditation: Ending The Day With Gratitude13Yoga Nidra14Guided Forgiveness Meditation15Guided Mindful Meditation for Body Awareness (feat. Jess Shepherd)16Sit Around The Fire17Learning to Surrender18Sutras One19Guided Meditation Positive Morning Energy20Horseshoe Breath Meditation21Guided Meditation: Relieving Anxiety22One Of My Favorite Prayers23Homecoming (Spoken Word with Elena Brower)24Guided Meditation Body Scan25Centering Breath26To The Magic Garden27Light of Truth28Guided Meditation: Affirmation of Self Love29Sacral Chakra30Sutras Two31Just Be32Best Morning Ritual Guided Meditation for a Positive & Productive Day33Guided Meditation For Focus34Being Present35Surrender Guided Meditation36Guided Meditation For Gratitude37Don't Leave (Spoken Word with Elena Brower)38Progressive Relaxation39Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety & Overwhelm40Solar Plexus Chakra41Energy (Spoken Word with Elena Brower)42Breathing Meditation43Deep Guided Healing Transcendental Meditation44Guided Meditation for Inner Peace 10 Minutes45Abundance (feat. Thaddeus)46Flow of Love (emotional healing meditation)47Third Eye Chakra48Brief Visualization49Night Light (Spoken Word with Elena Brower)50Creating Gratitude51Crown Chakra52Relax at the Beach Meditation53Love Meditation54Fill What Is Empty; Empty What Is Full (gratitude & abundance meditation)55Resting In the Natural State56Heal Yourself, Heal the World Meditation57Guided Meditation (Healing Voice for Relaxation Against Anxiety)58The 5-Minute Anti-Stress Meditation