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REDISCOVER The 2010s: Indie

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The 2010's saw "indie" evolve from label affiliation to a sound & spirit. Cover: Tame Impala


1The Less I Know The Better2Sofia3Unbelievers4The Suburbs5Motion Sickness6Best Friend7Space Song8Devil Town9we fell in love in october10Holocene11My Number12Washing Machine Heart13Lo Que Siento14My Kind of Woman15Prom Queen16Pretty Pimpin17Alaska18Breezeblocks19Where's My Love20Mystery of Love21Lotus Flower22Dark Days23Lampshades on Fire24Red Eyes25Bloodbuzz Ohio26Feels Like We Only Go Backwards27Seasons (Waiting on You)28Dance Yrself Clean29Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?30Sunflower31The Wire32Song for Zula33Inside Out34The Ghosts of Beverly Drive35Pretty Girl36Angels37Los Ageless38First39Hold On40If You Need To, Keep Time on Me41Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings42Pedestrian At Best43Busy Earnin'44Apocalypse45The Mother We Share46Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales47Queen48Paul (2023 Remaster)49Oblivion50I Need My Girl51Coffee52Two Weeks53Everything Now54Happy Idiot55Road Head56When Am I Gonna Lose You57YKWIM?58Let It Happen59Dreams Tonite60Simple Song61Boys Will Be Bugs62Harmony Hall63Night Shift64The Gold (Phoebe Bridgers Version)65Mountain at My Gates66Rill Rill67i wanna be your girlfriend68Can't Do Without You69The High Road70Youth71Why Am I Like This?72For the First Time73Alien Blues74Sacrilege75Dead of Night76Burn the Witch77Young78Flaming Hot Cheetos79Darling80The House That Heaven Built81Desire Lines82Always Forever83Left Hand Free84So Good at Being in Trouble85Pain86Hey, Ma87Sedona88R U Mine?89So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings90On Hold91Nothing92Shut Up Kiss Me93Seventeen94Eventually95After Dark96Helplessness Blues97fineshrine98Everything Is Embarrassing99I Love You So