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New School Hardcore

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The Hardcore Punk scene's current torchbearers.


1Pleased to Meet You2If I Speak (Shut The Fuck Up)3Honed Blade4Sullenboy5BLACKOUT6Persona7Distance Clause8Under My Skin9Deep in the Willow10Where I'm From11Vie12Talkin' On The Internet13Misled14Concrete Cowboys15Maniac16Opening Night17Theory of Mind18Devour19New Wage Slavery20Y.S.A.B.21Cry Your Eyes Out22Will Logic23Evil Finds Light24Not That Nice25Beg For The Torture26Endless Torment27Space Jam28In the Moment29Nah, That Ain't It301-80031The Real Deal32Trauma Bonds33Torture Chamber34Operation Clean Sweep35Kiss the Ladder36The Year Without A Summer37Swimming with Sharks38Lock it Up39The Job40Be Harder41Face Ripped Off42Torn From Your Silhouette43The Keeper and the Kept44Rectify45T.W.I.N.46Who Am I?47Silver Lining48The Knife49Not Welcome50Mellow My Mind51Reign of Terror52Are You Sure?53Stuck54Resurrection55Torrential Torment56Stampede57Alone At The Bottom58Engulfed59Myopic60Supercharged61Pick Your Fight62Bite The Hook63But Not For Me64Gold Chain Punk (whogonbeatmyass?)65Dust to Dust66Deny/Disgrace67Inclination68Their New Aesthetic69Egghead70Last Ones Left71Do It Faster72Our Time73Constructing a War Against You74No Good At Goodbyes75Blinded76The Temptation77Life Unknown78Pringle Street79Thoughts and Prayers80Dealer Wins81Scorn82Kersed83Light At The End84Frenzied State85Drop Squad86Dark Blue87The People's War88Domination 289Sacrificial Gain90What On Earth Can We Do91Heaven is Here92Skate Rats93Still Laughing94Stuck in a Rut95Recovery96Different Method97Carved in Stone98Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress99Unwavering Vow100Nightmare