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Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

From experimental rock drummer to singer of Genesis to solo pop star, the many faces of Mr. Collins.


1In The Air Tonight (2015 Remastered)2Easy Lover3Invisible Touch (2007 Remaster)4Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) [2016 Remaster]5Another Day in Paradise (2016 Remaster)6I Can't Dance (2007 Remaster)7You Can't Hurry Love (2016 Remaster)8You'll Be In My Heart9Sussudio (2016 Remaster)10Land of Confusion (2007 Remaster)11I Wish It Would Rain Down (2016 Remaster)12Don't Lose My Number (2016 Remaster)13One More Night14That's All (Single Version)15Take Me Home (2016 Remaster)16Can't Stop Loving You17Strangers Like Me18Jesus He Knows Me (2007 Remaster)19Do You Remember? (2016 Remaster)20Something Happened on the Way to Heaven (2016 Remaster)21Mama (2007 Remaster)22I Don't Care Anymore (2016 Remaster)23I Missed Again (2015 Remaster)24Dance into the Light (2016 Remaster)25In Too Deep (2007 Remaster)26Son of Man27Follow You Follow Me (2007 Remaster)28Two Hearts29No Son of Mine (2007 Remaster)30A Groovy Kind of Love (2016 Remaster)31The Roof Is Leaking (2015 Remastered)32Separate Lives (2016 Remaster)33Both Sides of the Story (2015 Remaster)34Two Worlds35Hold on My Heart (2007 Remaster)36You Know What I Mean (2015 Remastered)37Abacab (2007 Remaster)38Misunderstanding (2007 Remaster)39True Colors (2016 Remaster)40Man on the Corner (2007 Remaster)41If Leaving Me Is Easy (2015 Remastered)42On My Way (From "Brother Bear"/Soundtrack Version)43Throwing It All Away (2007 Remaster)44Everyday (2015 Remaster)45Home by the Sea (2007 Remaster)46Just Another Story (2016 Remaster)47No Reply at All (2007 Remaster)48The Least You Can Do (2016 Remaster)