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Electronic Feels

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Emotional Electronic und epische Future Sounds.


1Survive2Love Brand New3Synthopia Prime4Lay It All On Me5Cry6Feeling7Let Me In8Hallelujah9Knife's Edge10Tate (How I Feel)11As Above So Below12Healing13Explore14A Radical in the Family (feat. San Holo)15Sweetest Thing (feat. Davis)16Looking for Gold17Here18Needy19Automatic20Tuesday Morning212gether22Future Ghost (Vincent Remix)23Stuck On You (feat. Donna Tella)24Saving Lives25What Have You Done To Me?26Warmer27Shapes28Slow Dance29Tears For Later30Anxious31Fear Of Dying32In a Dream33Parallel Heartbreak [feat. Pauline Herr]34On My Mind (feat. Grabbitz)35I Don't Wanna Leave36All Mine37Hold My Breath38Atom Mirror39On The Floor40New Blood [feat. Boy Matthews]41Last Time42Kiss Me43Million Reasons44ORIGIN pt. I45Hyperlandia (Radio Edit)46Whisper47Mean It48Call Me49Purple50Tease Me51Equal in the Darkness52Out of Luck53Complicated54Sadboi55High Tide56Reviver (Edit)57Scripture58Time and Time Again (Single Edit)59ARE YOU LETTING GO?60find u.61Never A Good Time62Into The Night63Better Now64Don't Make A Sound (feat. Sh4dows)65The Distance66The Truth67Messin' Me Up (feat. EVAN GIIA)68Next to Me69It's Not U70Coming Home71finally, closure72Wait for a Dream (feat. Baerd)73Loverboy (San Holo Version)74Got Me Like75Colorado (Icarus Remix)76HAUNTED77Obsession78Home79Down This Road80Light (feat. Karin Park)81Be Here and Now [feat. Nathan Nicholson]82Between Us83Here84Falling For You85Talk Nice86Blood87Born Yesterday88I’ll Find My Way To You89Stepping Stone (feat. GLNNA)90MACHINE91Love Is Gone ft. Dylan Matthew (Kaskade Remix)92Time Is Mine93Deep Blue (Droid Bishop Remix)94Future Ghost95Where You Are96Trying97Into Arms of Lovers (feat. MAYLYN)98California, Pt. I99Don't Be Afraid (feat. Jungle)