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REDISCOVER the 2010s: K-Pop

Curated by Amazon Music

The biggest hits from the decade when K-Pop became a global phenomenon.


1Gangnam Style2I Am The Best3Blood Sweat & Tears4STEP5TT6Bubble Pop!7BANG BANG BANG84 Walls9Kill This Love10빨간 맛 Red Flavor11The Chaser12Catallena13Rollin' (New Version)14HIP15I GOT A BOY16Sherlock·셜록 (Clue + Note)17CALL ME BABY18Good Day (Japanese Version)19LOVE SCENARIO20Bad Girl Good Girl21Don′t Be Shy22Sixth Sense23Touch my body24Roly-Poly in 코파카바나25Dope26VERY NICE27Be My Baby28Miniskirt29Up & Down30%%(Eung Eung)31Energetic32Shine33Lucifer34으르렁 Growl35REALLY REALLY36Crazy37첫 사랑니 Rum Pum Pum Pum38Hurricane Venus39Bloom40왜 Keep Your Head Down41Palette (feat. G-DRAGON)42Galaxy43Spring Day44CLOSER45Alone46Shangri-La47일곱 번째 감각 第七感 ; The 7th Sense48MR.TAXI (Korean Version)49FANCY50BBIBBI51Secret52러시안 룰렛 Russian Roulette53Why54OVERCOME (2022 Remastered Version)55Jopping56Way Back Home57눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips)58La Vie en Rose (Japanese Version)59WHISTLE60LATATA (Japanese Version)61DALLA DALLA (Japanese ver.)62FACE63Fiction64A.D.T.O.Y.65I Wish66I`m Sorry67Oh! my mistake68Shoot Out69BOSS70BREATHE71Yanghwa BRDG72This Love73Lo Siento74Wild75Likey76Snapping77Gashina78NAVILLERA79U & I80Oh NaNa (Hidden. HUR YOUNG JI)81Easy Love (Japanese ver.)82MOVE83BBoom BBoom84HERO85CUPID86NEVERLAND87無限的我 무한적아; Limitless88Shampoo (Radio Edit)