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REDUX 074: Wu-Tang Clan

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Wu-Tang Clan in context: ’90s hip-hop, solo projects, plus roots & branches of their musical tree.


1C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)293 'Til Infinity3Insane in the Brain4Chief Rocka5Oh My God6Where I'm From7Protect Ya Neck8Now I Feel Ya9No Equal10Gotta Get Mine11Bop Gun (One Nation) (Radio Edit) [feat. George Clinton]12Getto Jam13Down With the King14Throw Ya Gunz15Whatta Man [feat. En Vogue]16Ten Crack Commandments (2014 Remaster)17N.Y. State of Mind18Da Graveyard19Paid In Full20D. Original21Cold World [feat. Inspectah Deck]22Still Not A Player (Featuring Joe) (Clean Version)23Survival of the Fittest24Sound of da Police25Valley Of The Skinz26As Long As I've Got You27Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit28A Time For Love29Ice Cream30Gonna Love Me (Remix) [feat. Ghostface Killah & Method Man & Raekwon]31Dart Throwing32Liquid Swords33Da Rockwilder34Da Joint35Bring The Noise (No Noise Version)36Take 'Em To War (Album Version)37The Bridge (Original 12" Version)38Half Man Half Amazin39Mass Appeal40The Grain (featuring The RZA)41Shimmy Shimmy Ya42Ghetto Supastar (That is What You Are)43Cross My Heart (Album Version ) [feat. Inspectah Deck]44Wu-Tang Forever45I Grew up on Wu-Tang46Knuckleheadz47Killa Beez48Unbelievable49Oldie50Welfare