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396 Hz

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Tune into the power of these 396 Hz frequencies. Intent: guilt and fear diminishment.


1Liberated 396Hz2396 Hz - Tension Relief3Subconsciousness 396 Hz4396 Hz Liberating Frequency5Self Reflection6Still Rain 396 Hz7Roots 396 Hz8The Wides 396 Hz9Prisma 396 Hz10Discovery 396 Hz11Healing Dreams 396 Hz12Radiant 396 Hz13396 Hz - Atmosphere14396 Hz Gratitude15396 Hz - Increase Inner Peace16Rooting (396 Hz)17396 Hz Inner Balance18Nights Passing 396 Hz19Core Healer (396 Hz)20Deep Energy Cleansing 396 Hz21Ease 396 Hz22Sleep Mantra 396 Hz23396 Hz Root Chakra Balance24396 Hz Awake Positive Energy25396 Hz Floating26Mindful Movement27Crystal River (396 Hz Meditation)28396 Hz - Endurómun29Solfeggio Symmetry 396 Hz30Svatantrata 396 Hz31Pace Setting (396 Hz)32396 Hz Therapy33396 Hz - Senzo34Healing Sleep (396 Hz)35396 Hz Balancing Root Chakra36396 Hz - Chasing Waterfalls37396 Hz Peace of Mind38Mending (396 Hz)39396 Hz - Harmony40Calming Clouds 396Hz41396 Hz - Tides of Eternity42396 Hz Peace and Tranquility43Boost Your Intuition - 396 Hz44396 Hz Breathe Deeply45396 Hz - Removing Fear46Liberation 396 Hz47396 Hz Dissolve Mental Blocks48396 Hz - Soledad Tranquilo49396 Hz Vibrations50396 Hz - Clarity Solfeggio51396 Hz Achievement of Goals52The Kara Sea (396hz) (single)53secure 396 Hz54396 Hz Deep Mind55396 Hz Find Inner Peace56396 Hz Inner Peace57Fearless 396 Hz58396 Hz - Solfeggio For Clarity59396 Hz Breath Awareness60396 Hz - Ethereal Sleep61396 Hz Chill Out62396 Hz Dreaming63396 Hz - Astral Distance64396 Hz Open Mind65Celestial Plane 396Hz66396 Hz - Deep Sleep67Sanctuaire (396 Hz)68396 Hz Endless Dream69Alignment Frequency 396hz70396 Hz Dreams71396 Hz - Dimensions72396 Hz - DNA healing73396 Hz - Miracle Tone74396 Hz - Love Frequencies75396 Hz Recovery76Bordunis 396 Hz77Katora 396 Hz78Key to a Peaceful Universe 396Hz79Recharge (396 Hz)80396 Hz Beneficial Solfeggio