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REDISCOVER The 2010s: Punk

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The decade that proved punk definitely wasn't dead.


1I Was a Teenage Anarchist2She's Kerosene3Satellite4Bang Bang5Revolution6Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)7Heart's All Gone8Real Thing9This Addiction10Fuck You11Never Fight A Man With A Perm12Rose Tattoo13Rabbit Hole14The Violence15Without Love16Coming For You17Another Starting Line18Victory Lap19Nerve20Out of Control21Let's Ride22Came Out Swinging23True Trans Soul Rebel24Machine Gun Blues25Recovery26The Boys Are Back27Take Back The Power28SOS29Darkside30Gold Steps31Paranoia32Out For Blood33House On Fire34Viking Death March35The Unholy Hand36Elektra37Fangs38Good Things39All Wrong40Losing My Religion (Amazon Original)41Your Graduation42Morbid Stuff43Strong References44Generator45Catalina Fight Song46Numb, But I Still Feel It47The House That Heaven Built48Toxic Boombox49Liberty Belle50Mother51David Comes to Life52In A Warzone53Going Out In Style54Clear The Air55Honor Is All We Know56State of Grace57The Cog in the Machine58Boat Builders59The Gift60The Animal and the Machine61Failed States (2019 Remaster)62Losing Teeth63Blackbird64I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore65Afraid of Heights66The Divine Zero67Party Poison68Bathed in Light69True Brew70She Got Arrested7133372Seventeener (17th and 37th)73Let Us Hear Your Voice74I Don't Like Me Anymore75When My Baby Smiles At Me I Go To Rehab76No Control77The Resist Stance78Resuscitation of the Year79Revolution Radio80A Life Less Ordinary (Need a Little Help)81Trashbag Baby82One Rizla83Tears Over Beers84After the Party85Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas86Headbanger87White Crosses88Oh Love89She Lied To The FBI90Bury My Bones91Black Sap Scriptures92Everybody That You Love93My Sanity94Nuclear Family95Blue by You96Future Mixtape For The Art Kids97I'll Make You Sorry98Cream99King of the Beach100The Spins