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Soothing Harp

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Step into a mystical scene with this collection of relaxing harp records.


1Lost Soul2Serene Mystique3Fields of Magic4In Harp's Arms5Space6Serenity Strings7Highland Falls8Aeroliq Residue9Open Sea10Breezy Elegance11Frumentum12Harp's Gentle Embrace13Pachelbel's Canon in D14Serene Waters15Relieving16Misty Fern17Highway One18Harp of Reflection19Dreams of Bali20Still Waters (Meditation)21Moonlit Enigma22Hidden Elves23Cliff Shadows (with Forest Ambience)24The Mere25Serene Harp26Quiet Earth27Air28Sunset Harmony29Distant Thoughts30Welfare31Flower in Focus (alongside Forest Birds)32Stone Circle33Heavenly Moments34High On An Astral Horse35Nile Valley36Sundar Harp37Whispers of Spring38Harp Of The Cosmos39Sunset40Zen Awakening41acceptances42State Of Harp43Yesterday44Mystical Strings45Vent46Blissful Hour47Strings of Love48Healer49Cerulean Lights50Saffron Skies51Song of Nature52Path to Enlightment53Peaceful Weal (by a Babbling Brook)54Heavenly Bliss55Dreaming of You56Healing Water57Gaelic Twilight58Brilliant World (alongside Forest Birds)59Upon the Corner of the Moon60álom61Empty Thoughts62Angel Wings63Tunnel of Light64High Winds65Meditation Harp66Afterlife67Acceptance68Recurrent69In the Light70Rejuvenate71Ambient Resonance72Angel Hands73Fili D'amore74Blessed By A Harp75Diamonds in the Sky76Resilience77Harbour78Aroma79Pure Meditation80Ethereal Dawn