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#56: Ole Dammann -  How to Do Clinical Research in Europe
#56: Ole Dammann -  How to Do Clinical Research in Europe
In today’s episode, we explore Clinical Development with Ole Dammann, the owner of KFGN, a group of 6 clinical trial sites in Germany, and after joining Pratia, several sites in Eastern Europe.Ole Dammann is one of the best experts in clinical trial management in the LSG2G Community. Ole is currently working on the digitization of clinical research and the development of new business models.In this episode, we will talk aboutBusiness Models in the Life Science IndustryClinical Trial ManagementChanges in the Business World in the last three decades Digital Health Revolution andMuch moreWho is the Expert in the show?Ole Dammann CEO of KFGN Group ShownotestbdVideo to the EpisodeTimestamps:(00:00) Intro(02:30) Life in Germany in October 2021(05:50) Foundation of KFGN Group in the 90s(07:25) Extending the Clinical Network to Eastern Europe(09:10) How to Start a Collaboration During the Pandemic(12:15) How were Clinical Trials Organized in the 90s compared to today?(17:00) Clinical Trials and Big Data(19:20) The European Funding Gap for Startup and Scaleup Companies(23:20) Business Models for Clinical Trial Management in the 90s(28:35) Clinical Trials in Separate Sites – Offering New Solutions to Patients(30:40) The Effects of Personalized Medicine on the Complexity of Clinical Trial Management(35:20) Rare Diseases and the Challenges For Clinical Trial Management(38:30) Personalized Clinical Trial Management – Bring the Sites to the Patients(41:20) Effects of Wearable Technology on Clinical Trials(44:15) Wearable Technology and Data Collection for Clinical Trials(47:45) Making Science and Data Understandable and Relatable(50:00) Digital Therapeutics(52:50) Current State of Digital Therapeutics (53:40) Longevity and Clinical Trials(55:40) What Makes The Eco-System Around the Stanford University so Unique?(59:15) What is the True Sense of Business?(01:01:00) Tesla, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Stanford University, Palo Alto Networks – Shaping the Entrepreneurial Bay Area Mindset(01:03:15) Advantages of the European Mindset(01:05:00) What is the Right Point in Time for Early-Stage Companies to Involve Clinical Experts?Support the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#55: Peter Llewellyn-Davies - The Future of Life Science Entrepreneurship and Investment in Europe
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#54: Oliver Mavher and Michael Deichsel - Crypto Trading and Taxes - The Past, The Present, and The Future
In this conversation, I will talk with Oliver Mavher and Michael Deichsel about Crypto Trading and taxes.Topics we discuss in the show:The questions that I consider relevant for everybody owning digital assets:What if someone gets paid in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies? Is that a taxable event?What if someone invests in those novel digital assets and they gain in value?Does the location of the wallet or crypto exchange make any difference for taxation? Which tax law is applicable?What about European ETFs and their offshore counterparts that replicate the price of digital assets?What about investments in companies that invest in digital assets?Are there differences between retail investors, investment funds, and other institutional investors?And many more questions similar to the aboveWho are the Tax Experts in this Episode?I am delighted to welcomeOliver Mavher, KPMG andMichael Deichsel, KPMGto find answers to a multiverse of questions around crypto investments and taxes.Shownotes:LinkVideoLinkTimestamps:(00:00) Opening What are the Real Life Tax Consequences of Trading with Cryptocurrencies?(02:47) Opening Oliver Mavher – Support for Digital Companies in Tax Matters(08:45) What are Security Token Offerings?(11:00) Opening Michael Deichsel – Crypto and Taxes(16:10) What is the Tokenization of the Economy?(18:15) Smart Contracts(24:15) What are Digital Assets in Terms of Tax Laws?(27:00) Bitcoin as Legal Tender in El Salvador?(29:07) Banking the Unbanked.(30:55) Cryptocurrencies and the Environment(34:13) What are crypto assets?(37:00) What are NFTs?(39:00) NFT and Taxations in Austria(45:30) Changes in Tax Laws in Austria(49:05) Taxable Events when BTC is used for salaries(54:15) Using Cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases – what are the taxable events?(56:45) Taxable events when trading cryptocurrencies outside Austria – A case for double taxation treaties?(01:00:00) Different Cases for Taxation and their Consequences(01:03:00) Taxation for Companies when holding Digital Assets(01:07:00) Expected changes to the tax laws(01:09:00) The difference in Taxation between Crypto Currencies and Digital Assets(01:13:00) Where to get advice for Crypto Taxation?Support the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#53: Alexander Schwartz and Ingrid Kelly Spillman - The Future of Early-Stage Deep Tech Investments in Europe
In this conversation, I will talk with Alexander Schwartz and Ingrid Kelly Spillmann about the future of the Early-Stage Ecosystem in Europe.Speaker in the Episode:Alexander Schwartz joined IST cube in 2018 as a Partner. He has more than 15 years of experience in management consulting, eight of which with McKinsey & Company in Vienna and Chicago. His focus has been on strategy, innovation, and M&A in chemicals, materials, agriculture, and life science-related industries.Ingrid Kelly Spillman joined the IST Tech Transfer team in October 2018 after spending several years at the University of Vienna. Ingrid worked as a patent attorney in and for the pharma industry for more than a decade in different countries before moving into technology transfer. At IST cube, she will primarily be involved with Biotech, pharma, and chemistry startups, emphasizing intellectual property and legal matters.IST cube focuses on startups with a strong background in science and technology, such as academic spin-offs or young deep tech companies. The fund leads investment rounds in pre-seed and seed stages and has the ability for follow-on investments in later rounds. Topics we discuss in the show:In this conversation, we discuss the Future Of the European Eco-System and talk about topics like:EcosystemsEarly-Stage InvestmentsWhat Are the Cornerstones of VC Investment StoriesFrom Science to BusinessThe IST Ecosystemand much more…Check Out the Speaker’s Profiles:Alexander SchwartzIngrid Kelly SpillmannIST cubeShownotes:LinkVideoLinkTimestamps:(00:00) Introduction(02:50) Introduction Alexander Schwartz(04:12) Introduction Ingrid Kelly Spillmann(06:05) How are IST, Twist, and IST Cube linked?(09:21) The Success Story of IST – from Greenfield Operations to Top 3 in 15 years(13:20) IST Cube’s Role in the Early-Stage Investment Community(16:45) The People behind IST Cube(19:00) Investment Focus of IST Cube(21:50) What is the attractive opportunity in early-stage investments?(26:00) When is the right time to reach out to VCs?(29:30) How Academic and Business Mindset work Together in Early-Stage Development(34:45) The Attitude for Fundraising Companies(38:20) What is the right timing for creating a spin-out company?(43:14) What deal structures are possible for early-stage companies?(48:25) Entrepreneurial Expertise in the European Eco-System(58:50) Startup Business Models in the Early-Stage Investment Eco-System(01:03:00) How Investors and Start-Ups Work Together to bring positive change to the World(01:06:00) The IST Cube Eco-System in 2021 – Build Around Collaboration and Open Innovation(01:09:15) How The Innovation Eco-System in Austria Collaborates to Support Companies to go from Zero to One(01:12:00) How IST Cube Helps Scientists Making the Transition from Academia to Business(01:17:00)Ideas for the European Eco-System(01:20:10) Failure Culture in Europe(01:23:30) Exit Strategies for Founders and Investors(01:28:35) Four Attributes Startups Should Have to Fit into VC Models.(01:32:40) What is the essential first step in the creation of a new company?Support the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#52: Caroline Heil - Driving the Future of Meat
The industry gains complexity, and I am happy that a speaker from the LSG2G community has dedicated time to speak about the Future of the Food Industry.Speaker in the Episode: Dr. Caroline E. HeilSince Jul. 1, 2021, Caroline has been CEO of The New Meat Company AG, a young stock-listed, purpose-driven impact investment company in Berlin focusing on alternative proteins. Caroline is intrigued by the idea of revolutionizing the food industry, especially everything animal production-related, in an environmentally friendly, healthy, and sustainable way that will allow us to feed +10 billion people in the future.Before joining TNMC, Caroline worked for EY as a lawyer and part of the global EY Agribusiness Team. At the global EY Agribusiness Team, she covered legal agri- and food business aspects and was involved in strategic and innovative agri- and food business projects. Caroline i.a. gained experience in advising national and international corporate clients, banks, and financial investors on corporate aspects of M&A transactions and VC investments, including the performance of legal due diligence. Her track record covers global and regional food- and agribusinesses, focusing on digital transformation of the larger agribusiness value, the alternative protein and meat market, food security impact driven by agricultural policy setting, and all questions related to sustainability environmental impact.The New Meat Co.The firm invests in game-changing companies and founders that disrupt the status quo of the meat industry to create nutritious, tasty, and sustainable meat alternatives that are good for everyone – animals, humans, and our planet.Following a buy and build strategy, the organization consolidates companies specializing in alternative meat–established pioneers and emerging game-changers.It also partners with innovative and value-driven individuals who aim to reduce (alternative) meat’s ecological footprint, increase its nutritional profile to support healthy living, and encourage animal welfare.Topics we discuss in the show:In this conversation, we discuss the Future Of the Food Industry and talk about topics like: Alternative proteinsNutraceuticalsFunctional foodReworking the supply chain3d printing of foodPersonalized nutritionAnd much more…Follow Caroline E. Heil and The New Meat Co.:Caroline Heil on LinkedinThe New Meat Co on LinkedinShownotes:Article on SubstackTimestamps:00:00 Opening02:25 The New Meat Company – New Trends in the Food Industry05:06 The Environmental Footprint of the Foot Industry in 202108:08 Sustainability of the Food Industry10:14 Introduction Caroline Heil14:36 Innovation in the Meat Industry19:10 Sustainability of Analog Meat22:00 The Health Impact of Nutrition28:35 Solving the Global Distribution of Food with Modern Technology?34:38 The Hellofresh Case – High-Quality Food at Low Prices39:57 Consumer Trends in the Food Industry42:23 Insects as Protein Source?46:20 Lab-Grown Meat57:45 How Industry and StartUps Can Evolve Together01:00:00 Mission Statement of The New Meat Company01:03:20 What Invention Will Have the Biggest Impact on The Food Industry in This Decade?01:06:50 3D Printing of Food01:11:20 Longevity and the Food IndustrySupport the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#51: Saara Inkinen - The Future of Tech Transfer in a Post-Pandemic World
Tech Transfer describes the process to bring scientific inventions from the discovery stage into companies for translational and clinical R&D.To gain more insights into this area, I invited a tech transfer expert from the LSG2G Community to this conversation.Speaker in this Episode is Saara Inkinen, Nordic Catalyst.Dr. Inkinen is a technology transfer and innovation management specialist based in Vienna, Austria. She originally came from Finland and had her first position in the chemical industry already in 2000. Since 2005, she has worked with industry-focused R&D, technology transfer, innovation management, funding, and strategic initiatives in an international environment.Dr. Inkinen is passionate about accelerating the development and commercialization of scientific technologies, and it is her mission to facilitate the transfer of research to business. She is a strong networker and has, for example, founded the Finnovation Champions technology transfer network in Finland in 2012. What ultimately motivates her in technology transfer and innovation management is the positive environmental, social, and societal impact that new technologies can help us create.For more details on Dr. Inkinen’s education and professional experience, please have a look at her LinkedIn profile.The Company - Nordic CatalystNordic Catalyst is a technology transfer and innovation management company founded by Dr. Saara Inkinen in 2018. Nordic Catalyst is located in Austria, and it works with an international client base consisting of both research organizations and companies.Questions we discuss in the show:What is Tech Transfer?Why is it necessary to bring ideas from universities into startups and companies?Is tech transfer biotech and pharma different from other tech areas?What challenges solve tech transfer?How has the environment changed with the pandemic?And much more…Follow Saara Inkinen and Nordic Catalyst:Saara Inkinen on LinkedinNordic Catalyst on LinkedinShownotes:Link to Article in the Member & Partner CommunityTimestamps:00:00 Introduction01:45 What is Tech Transfer02:30 The Tech Transfer Process04:05 Tech Transfer – Licensing, IP Sale and Startups05:00 Tech Transfer with Industrial Partners07:40 Why is Tech Transfer Necessary?13:20 Which Challenges Does TTO Face in the Life Science Networked Economy?16:37 How do different Skillsets Interact in Early Stage Development?19:35 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Startup Ecosystem for Deep Tech Companies23:10 How did the Pandemic Change the Environment for Tech Transfer27:17 How long does it take to turn a scientific idea into a finished product?30:52 What Challenges Exist in the Early Stage Development Field?33:40 How Do Business and Science Play Together?35:00 New Trends in Tech Transfer37:00 How Connected is the European Early Stage Industry?38:00 What is the First Step Towards Putting a scientific idea into a product?Support the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#50: Dimitrios Tzalis - Insights Into Building CROs in Asia and in Europe
In this conversation, we discuss the development of the European Pharma Eco-System, different business models generally accepted in the industry, and what it takes to lead a company to success.Today’s speaker is Dimitrios Tzalis.In the 90s, he received a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego, a Master of Science in Chemistry from the University of Chicago, and a Master of Science in Biochemistry from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana USA.1998 he returned to Germany to found Taros Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG, one of Europe’s leading chemical CRO companies for drug discovery chemistry and custom synthesis services.Questions we discuss in the show:When and why did Dimitrios decide to found a novel company?How did Dimitrios find the Right Business Model?How did the industry evolve in India and Germany over the last two decades?How do you see the future of the life science industry globally after the push that it got with Sars Cov 2?And much more…Timestamps:00:00 Introduction04:25 Introduction Dimitrios Tzalis05:45 How to Start a Life Science Company During the Dot.com Bubble Times08:15 The Decision to Start a Company Rather Than Applying for a Job10:15 How did the European Life Science Eco-System Look Like in the 1990s?12:54 Where to Get Inspiration for Writing the Content of a Business Plan?16:54 The Structure of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the 90s/early 2000s20:15 The Networked Life Science Economy – From the 90s to 202122:55 The Different Mindsets Needed to Bring an Idea to Market31:05 How to Fund Early-Stage Development Companies36:30 From Founding a Company in Germany to Founding a Company in India41:10 How Technology Changed Collaboration in the Last Two Decades44:25 Development of Cultural Similarities and Differences Between India and Germany Since 200047:00 Is there a Global Convergence of Business Culture?52:17 The Pharma Industry in India – 2000-202155:20 The Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry in India57:40 How Are Problems Approached in India vs. Europe?01:01:20 How Entrepreneurs Approach Problems01:03:15 Entrepreneurship & Passion01:06:00 The Role of Passion in Entrepreneurship01:10:20 The Role of Leadership in Building a Team01:12:26 Teamplay in Companies01:14:54 Life Science Business Models01:20:10 The Private and The Public Life Science World01:25:00 The Future of the Life Science Industry in Europe01:42:50 The European Culture Around Entrepreneurship01:50:00 Short-Term Thinking and Long Term Planning01:54:30 What is the Most Important Advice to First Time FoundersFollow Dimitrios Tzalis and Taros:Linkedin Dimitrios TzalisLinkedin TarosShownotes:Das Netzwerkunternehmen, Elgar FleischThe Infinite Game, Simon SinekEpisode on other podcast PlatformsVideo to the EpisodeSupport the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#49: Andrea Sommer - Marrying Deeptech with IP Strategy
Here is my conversation with Andrea Sommer about the advantages of patents for private deep-tech companies.Timestamps:For those who want to listen to specific parts of the episode, here are the timestamps:00:00 Opening Christian Soschner02:00 Intro Andrea Sommer – Importance of Patents03:48 The Role of Patents in Deep Tech Companies – Understanding the Importance of Patent Processes13:51 What is the right point in time to file a patent application?15:57 Patent process in Europe24:25 Patents – A Once in a Lifetime Event or a Process?35:00 The importance of getting the right information for the first filing37:10 The Reasons for an FTO Analysis from the Patent Attorney’s Perspective41:40 When is the right time for an FTO Analysis46:00 More Details on the Process of FTO Analysis – Better Late than Never?51:15 How to Implement Patent and FTO Processes into the Organisation57:27 Patent Infringement01:02:10 Possibilities of Compulsory Licenses01:07:15 A Brief History of Patent Laws…01:09:20 … and The Future Of Patent Laws01:15:00 The Future of Patents and Licenses01:23:00 Patents and Sars CoV 2 – Would giving up patent rights by governmental enforcement tackle the right problem?01:27:40 Tesla put all Patents into the Public Domain 2014 – Does that make sense?01:33:20 The Role of Patents in Startups01:40:30 Is there a difference between US Entrepreneurs and their European counterparts?01:44:00  Perception of Entrepreneurship01:49:00 How to Collaborate with Big Corporations as an SME01:53:00 Patents and InvestorsEpisode Links:Article to the Episode: https://lsg2g.substack.com/p/marrying-deeptech-with-ip-strategy-7f8Youtube: https://youtu.be/yjqq6P2eWVcAndrea Sommer: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-andrea-sommer/Podcast Links:Podcast Website: https://www.lifescienceget2gether.com/Community Partner: https://linktr.ee/lsg2gChristian Soschner: https://linktr.ee/soschnerLSG2G Twitter: https://twitter.com/LGet2getherLSG2G Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/life-science-get2getherPodcast Episodes: https://pod.link/1493847125Episodes on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZfrwd6iXrQ3LIANISUpP22seS2CsCEVSupport the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#48: Kurt Höller & Joy Cürten EIT - Health & The International Healthtech Revolution
Here is my conversation with Kurt Höller and Joy Cürten from EIT Health about the health tech revolution in Europe and the Rest of the World.Episode Links:Article to the Episode: https://lsg2g.substack.com/p/eit-health-and-the-international-514Youtube:  https://youtu.be/OnQrvbgcO8YKurt Höller: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hoeller/Joy Cürten: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joy-c%C3%BCrten-a8977241/EIT Health: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eithealth/Podcast Links:Podcast Website: https://www.lifescienceget2gether.com/Community Partner: https://linktr.ee/lsg2gChristian Soschner: https://linktr.ee/soschnerLSG2G Twitter: https://twitter.com/LGet2getherLSG2G Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/life-science-get2getherPodcast Episodes: https://pod.link/1493847125Episodes on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZfrwd6iXrQ3LIANISUpP22seS2CsCEVTimestamps:For those who want to listen to specific parts of the episode, here are the timestamps:00:00 Opening Christian Soschner04:19 Introduction Joy Cürten08:47 Introduction Kurt Höller15:08 How Much Funding is Needed to Start an Initiative Like EIT Health16:12 The Early Days of EIT Health19:31 How Does EIT Operate?21:05 Initiatives at EIT Health26:33 Classification of Healthtech Companies32:53 How did the pandemic shape the health tech sector in Europe?50:00 Cultural Differences Between Entrepreneurship in the US and Europe58:40 Development of Open Innovation and Communication in Europe01:08:00 How the Pandemic changed the European Landscape01:15:00 What Policy Changes Would Help the European Healthtech Sector?01.21:00 EIC, EIT, and EIF – How The Institutions Work Together with Corporate Investors and VCsReferenced in the show:Sachs Forum Basel 2021: https://www.sachsforum.com/21bef-about.htmlWeltmarktführer Innovation Day 2021: https://www.weltmarktfuehrer-innovationday.de/, https://www.fau.de/innovator-of-tomorrow-award/e-Health Investment Forum 2021 https://echalliance.com/event/bhh-is-calling-startups-working-on-ai-in-healthcare/EHC Digital Health Semifinal 2021 https://eithealth.eventscase.com/EN/catapult_semifinals20214yFN 2022, https://www.4yfn.com/MedtecLIVE 2022 https://www.medteclive.com/en/exhibitors/participation/start-upsEIT Health Summit 2022 https://eithealth.eu/event/save-the-date-eit-health-summit-2022/Support the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#47: Sebastien Groyer - 7 Tales from 20 years of Deep Tech Life Science Venture Capital Investment
Here is my conversation with Sebastien Groyer, Entrepreneur and Venture CapitalistEpisode Links:Article to the Episode: https://lsg2g.substack.com/p/7-tales-from-20-years-of-deep-tech-42fYoutube: https://youtu.be/Ni3mEDM7-_cSebastien Groyer: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastien-groyer-2438548/Podcast Links:Podcast Website: https://www.lifescienceget2gether.com/Community Partner: https://linktr.ee/lsg2gChristian Soschner: https://linktr.ee/soschnerLSG2G Twitter: https://twitter.com/LGet2getherLSG2G Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/life-science-get2getherPodcast Episodes: https://pod.link/1493847125Episodes on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZfrwd6iXrQ3LIANISUpP22seS2CsCEVTimestamps:For those who want to listen to specific parts of the episode, here are the timestamps:00:00 Introduction02:35 How do VCs view planning in companies?05:59 How to Approach Investors when Plans Change11:00 What are Target Companies of VCs?15:15 Are VCs Going for First Movers or Rather Established Markets?19:30 How Detailed Should  Business Plans be when Pitching to VCs?23:50 Storytelling – From Rough to Detail27:15 The Reality of VC Life34:40 How Often Can You Follow Up with VCs before Ending Up on a Blacklist38:54 What is the Right Time to Approach VCs?40:40 How do VCs view companies in Fundraising Mode?46:10 The Fundraising Process in a Company48:15 Is the Fundraisngprocess Transactional, or do Relationships matter?51:00 Fundraising – Similarities and Differences between the US and the European Approach56:50 Entrepreneurship and Investors – Lifestyle or a Job?01:00:00 The Role of Money in Different Societies01:04:00 Why Do VCs Search for Exits?01:11:00 Valuation Expectations of VCs01:14:00 It is all about growth01:19:00 When Does it Make Sense to Reach out to VCs?01:23:00 Differences in the Value of Information in the B2B and B2C world01:27:00 The Pros and Cons of Being an Investor or Entrepreneur01:30:00 Spirituality, Investment, and Entrepreneurship01:34:30 What is the most important thing to consider when reaching out to VCs?Support the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#46: Wolfgang Kienreich - An Introduction to Know-Center: How Artificial Intelligence Will Change all Industries
Here is my conversation with Wolfgang Kienreich, CBO of Know-Center.Episode Links:Article to the Episode: https://lsg2g.substack.com/p/46-an-introduction-to-know-centerYoutube: https://youtu.be/eTU5zROX5E4Wolfgang Kienreich: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wolfgang-kienreich-8350b899/Know Center: https://www.linkedin.com/company/know-center/Podcast Links:Podcast Website: https://www.lifescienceget2gether.com/Community Partner: https://linktr.ee/lsg2gChristian Soschner: https://linktr.ee/soschnerLSG2G Twitter: https://twitter.com/LGet2getherLSG2G Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/life-science-get2getherPodcast Episodes: https://pod.link/1493847125Episodes on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZfrwd6iXrQ3LIANISUpP22seS2CsCEVTimestamps:For those who want to listen to specific parts of the episode, here are the timestamps:00:00 Introduction01:45 What is Fact and What is Fiction in Artificial Intelligence?05:45 Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Driving07:30 AI in Language Translation and Understanding11:00 AI in Education12:20 How AI Improves Drug Discovery and Development15:00 Analyzing Health Data under GDPR16:55 How Wearable Technology Can Support Scientists to Get More Insights into the Development of Diseases18:15 European North Star Projects in AI20:45 Starting Point for SME Entrepreneurs in AI24:00 The History of the KNOW Center27:20 Industry Partners of the KNOW Center and Use Cases Developed with them31:30 How Does AI Affect Labour?34:05 Innovation Speed and AI36:00 The Role of AI in Search41:00 AI and Recommendation Management43:00 Potential in Assisted Living44:30 What is a Digital Twin?47:35 Recommendation to SMEs to Approach KNOW CenterSupport the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#45: Jama Nateqi - 5 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
Here is my conversation with Jama Nateqi, CEO of Symptoma.Episode Links:Article to the Episode: https://lsg2g.substack.com/p/45-hidden-secrets-to-successful-entrepreneurshipYoutube: https://youtu.be/VOBc7pfqWOIJama Nateqi: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jama-nateqi/Symptoma: https://www.linkedin.com/company/symptoma/Podcast Links:Podcast Website: https://www.lifescienceget2gether.com/Community Partner: https://linktr.ee/lsg2gChristian Soschner: https://linktr.ee/soschnerLSG2G Twitter: https://twitter.com/LGet2getherLSG2G Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/life-science-get2getherPodcast Episodes: https://pod.link/1493847125Episodes on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZfrwd6iXrQ3LIANISUpP22seS2CsCEVTimestamps:For those who want to listen to specific parts of the episode, here are the timestamps:00:00:00 Kick-Off00:02:12 Intro Jama Nateqi – Give up your Freedom to gain Freedom00:03:47 Sleeping Habit00:04:53 Benefits of Waking Up Early00:05:43 What Is More Important – Quality or Quantity of Sleep?00:14:30 Why Making Your Bed Matters00:17:31 How to Achieve Peak Performance00:18:25 Lack of Sleep and its Impact on IQ00:19:20 Symptoma and Working Hours00:21:00 Meditation00:30:00 Deep Work & Digital Drugs00:36:00 Screentime – Modern Technology – Blessing or a Burden?00:45:00 Does Free Will Exist?00:53:00 Bad and Good – Yin And Yang00:56:00 The Power of Habit01:04:00 The Amazon Case 01:06:30 Never Stop Learning01:08:00 The Role of Exercising01:12:30 Health Benefits of Exercising01:16:00 The Benefits of “Don’t Demand too Much of Yourself.”01:20:00 New Year’s Resolutions01:23:00 Setting Goals in the Right Size01:26:00 The Habits of Setting Daily Goals & Time blocking01:33:00 Attitude to Failure01:35:00 About Nutrition01:39:25 Why conserving willpower is crucial for deep work01:43:00 Journaling01:45:00 Meaning of Life & Purpose of Businesses01:55:00 Finding the Right Team for a Vision02:06:00 What is Your Biggest Success in Life?02:10:00 What is the most important habit?Support the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#44: Tero Weckroth - Private and Public Investments - Similarities and Differences from the Crowdfunding and Angel Perspective
Here is the conversation with Tero Weckroth, Business Angel and Investment Expert from Finland about Public and Private Investments.Episode Links:Article to the Episode: https://lsg2g.substack.com/p/44-private-and-public-investmentsVideo to the Episode: https://youtu.be/7WDHWOyaPQQTero Weckroth: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tero-weckroth-5b927/ Chessboxing: https://www.nordicchessboxing.com/ Podcast Links:Podcast Website: https://www.lifescienceget2gether.com/Community Partner: https://linktr.ee/lsg2gChristian Soschner: https://linktr.ee/soschnerLSG2G Twitter: https://twitter.com/LGet2getherLSG2G Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/life-science-get2getherPodcast Episodes: https://pod.link/1493847125Episodes on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZfrwd6iXrQ3LIANISUpP22seS2CsCEVTimestamps:For those who want to listen to specific parts of the episode, here are the timestamps:(0:00) Opening words(0:30) Introduction Tero Weckroth(3:00) Life Science in Finland(8:30) Life Science Investments for Business Angels(22:00) Alzheimer Drug Development and Diagnostics – Biogen and Combinostics(26:40) What is the Right Pricing for Drugs on the Market?(30:00) Availability of Capital for Early-Stage Drug Development(33:00) Importance of a Team(38:00) Public Investments and Crowdfunding(44:00) Risk Management for Investors(46:00) Differences between Privat and Public Investment and Crowdfunding(49:30) Reddit – New Development on the Stock Market(01:00:00) New Macroeconomic Era?(01:06:00) Cash, Gold, or Digital Gold?(01:15:00) Technological Evolvement in the Investment Banking World(01:20:00) Effects of the Pandemic on Regulations(01:25:00) Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Cardano, Etherum & co.Support the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#43: Tilmann Buerckstuemmer and Thomas Moser - Gene-Editing - The Next Game-Changing Technology?
Thomas Moser and Tilmann Buerckstuemmer lead the Austrian Life Science Company Aelian Biotechnology.Episode Links:Article to the Episode: https://lsg2g.substack.com/p/gene-editing-the-next-game-changing-d3fVideo to the Episode: https://youtu.be/3bf7ChYUHLE Aelian Biotechnology: https://aelian.bio/Thomas Moser: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-moser-79819a5/Tilmann Buerckstuemmer: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tilmann-burckstummer-19b65949/Podcast Links:Podcast Website: https://www.lifescienceget2gether.com/ Community Partner: https://linktr.ee/lsg2gChristian Soschner: https://linktr.ee/soschnerLSG2G Twitter: https://twitter.com/LGet2getherLSG2G Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/life-science-get2getherPodcast Episodes: https://pod.link/1493847125Episodes on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZfrwd6iXrQ3LIANISUpP22seS2CsCEVTimestamps:For those who want to listen to specific parts of the episode, here are the timestamps:(00:00) Introduction(02:23) Introduction Thomas Moser(05:45) Introduction Tilmann Bürckstümmer(08:40) Aelian Biotechnology(10:20) The Science Behind Aelian(17:50) Life Science Business Model(27:00) How to Setup Business Relationships in Life Science(34:35) Gene Editing - Why Did it Create Such a Hype?(41:00) History of Gene Editing with Insights Into CRISPR/Cas9(45:30) Vienna - Part of The CRISPR Community(47:50) IP of CRISPR(50:00) CRISPR - Real Life Use Cases(55:05) CRISPR in Cancer Research(59:20) Are Genetically Altered Human Beings Possible?(01:04:20) Genetically Enhanced Human Beings - Reality or SciFi?(01:08:00) Gene Editing and its Role in Agriculture(01:12:00) SARS-CoV-2 - What Role Did CRISPR Play in Fighting the Pandemic?(01:12:20) CRISPR Screen for SARS-CoV-2 - Technology of Aelian Biotechnology(01:15:00) Drug Discovery for SARS-CoV-2 with CRISPR(01:18:00) Fundraising for Life Science Companies(01:27:00) Comparison of the Investment Culture in Europe and the United States(01:31:00) Major Players in the CRISPR Field(01:32:00) CRISPR - IP Landscape(01:44:00) Final Question: Advice for First Time EntrepreneursSupport the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#42: Johannes Sarx and Philipp Hainzl - LISA - Life Science in Austria
Have you ever wondered what role the small country Austria - located in the center of Europe - plays in Life Science?Then listen to the managing directors of LISAvienna, Johannes Sarx, and Philipp Hainzl. LISAvienna is a joint life science platform operated by Austria Wirtschaftsservice and the Vienna Business Agency. On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the City of Vienna, it contributes to the advancement of life sciences in Vienna. LISAvienna supports innovative biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and digital health companies in Vienna that develop and market new products, services, and processes. The platform links these companies with development partners and key customers. As a central knowledge carrier, LISAvienna provides input for decisions to advance the life sciences in Vienna and contributes to positioning the city of Vienna as one of the leading European innovation centers.If you want to learn more about the Life Science Hot Spots in the center of Europe, then this episode is for you.In this talk we discussed the situation of Life Science in Austria and covered topics likePublic FundingLife Science ConferencesInfrastructureAccess to global talent andprivate funding as well as the pharma industry.Join us for a colloquial chat over Life Science and Entrepreneurship.Conference in person in fall in Austria as discussed in the Episode:The European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB)will take place in #Vienna this year, and is themed “Delivering the EU Green Deal: Industrial biotechnology into business”. Join the dialogue on how biotech can enable a more circular and sustainable future. As EFIB’s local partner, LISAvienna is looking forward to connecting you to experts in the region. Mark your calendar for October 6-7, 2021 and join us at Austria Center Vienna - Internationales Kongresszentrum.This is a great opportunity to grow your network.Learn more about the regional expertise, potential partners and new products and services online. Many of these breakthrough innovations will be showcased at EFIB in Vienna. Image: acv.at / begehungen.dehttps://lnkd.in/euT5eReSpeaker:Christian SoschnerJohannes SarxPhilipp HainzlOrganizations:CS Life Science InvestLISAviennaSupport the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
44 Min.
#41: Christoph Lengauer - The 7 Key Success Factors of Building Great Life Science Companies.
This episode will discuss what it takes to build companies that develop novel therapies, vaccines, and diagnostics in the pharma industry.Since the pandemic, everybody has become familiar with the critical elements of pharma product development.But let’s take a closer look into the value chain of the industry.What does it take to pick up a technology and bring it to patients?Questions we will discuss:Some questions we will focus on:What strategic approaches do exist for life science companies?How important is the team in developing a company to an IPO?Where can scientists find help when they want to start a company?About Christoph Lengauer (from Third Rock Ventures)“The most powerful thing about being a part of this industry is having the opportunity to improve the lives of patients and their families.”Christoph loves the ideation of new company concepts and focuses on the formation, development, and strategy of our portfolio companies. He is an accomplished scientist and drug hunter with the ability to translate that knowledge, insight, and expertise into compelling business strategies. Christoph has contributed to the discovery and development of eight FDA-approved medicines.Christoph is dedicated to making a dramatic difference in patients’ lives. About Third Rock VenturesWe discover, launch, and build great companies based on bold ideas that meet at the intersection of science, strategy, business, and medicine – where transformational science meets operational reality – providing the best opportunity to make a dramatic difference in patients’ lives.Timestamps:(00:00) Opening(01:30) Intro Christoph Lengauer(05:19) Blueprint Medicine – What Does a Company Need for an IPO?(08:45) How Important is the Team for the Investment Decision?(10:20) What is the Best Attitude Towards Success?(13:40) Why are IPOs Important to Companies and Investors?(16:45) Third Rock Ventures Mission(18:20) Why is the Listing Place Still Important in 2021?(20:40) Early Stage Funding – US vs. Europe(25:40) What is an entrepreneurial mindset?(30:20) The Third Rock Ventures Investment Approach(35:25) The Role a Technology Plays in the Investors Decision Process(40:00) Exit Strategies for Life Science Companies(44:00) What are Reasonable Valuations in the Life Science Industries Along the Value Chain?(49:45) What Effect do the Bail Out Programs have on Valuations in the Private Life Science Sector?(52:50) Success in the Life Science Industry in the last 10 years(54:30) What Do We Need to Improve in the Industry?(56:50) Fair Distribution of Medicine(59:50) Distribution of Medicine – Poverty – Education(01:02:50) The Future Of Life Science in the next 20 YearsLink to the Video of the Recording:YouTubeSpeaker:Christoph LengauerChristian SoschnerOrganizations:CS Life Science InvestThird Rock VenturesSupport the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#40: beaconsmind - Max Weiland About Starting a Company and get it to a Dual Listing in only 6 years
In history, most of the time, humans needed to provide everything they needed to make a living for themselves. Trading goods were part of life but didn’t take up most of the world’s population’s time.Industrialization changed the job profiles, the needs of workers, and the availability of goods.In this century, many people in the western world have jobs to provide services and get what they need for getting through the day in shops. Since I can think I mostly get my shopping done on Saturday.It is an event for the whole family, and often I invite friends for the coffee breaks to get a bit of socializing.In March 2020, the pandemic shifted a lot of commerce towards the internet and trained the western world's population to adopt online shopping.Whenever such a Black Swan Event happens, the consumer’s expectations shift as a result of such a dramatic experience.What new expectations will appear once the pandemic is over and consumers come back to real-life shopping more often?Max Weiland is working on solutions for such challenges with his team since 2014.About beaconsmindFounded in 2015 in Switzerland, beaconsmind is a pioneer in location-based marketing (LBM) software for retail chains. beaconsmind helps retailers run successful location-based marketing campaigns.By fitting stores with Bluetooth beacons that precisely locate and identify customers and integrating its Software Suite, beaconsmind opens a brand-new channel for retailers to interact with their customers, fundamentally transforming the shopping experience. Thanks to its solution, retailers can converge digital and physical shopping and address the convenience gaps.Consumers increasingly expect the convenience of the online shopping experience at the POS. In that regard, LBM is a proven tool and marketing channel for increasing POS sales productivity by implementing digital features to the in-store purchasing experience.While LBM is a largely fragmented and budding start-up scene, beaconsmind differentiates in many ways compared to relevant competitors:unique one-stop-shop featuring hardware and software;focus on retail with an actionable and plug-and-play solution;customized beacon solution requiring no maintenance;one of the first global roll-outs in an emerging industry with Adidas seeking to equip up to 15k POS worldwide with the beaconsmindsolution.The podcast guests and host will discuss questions like?Foundation of a novel companyKey Milestones in beaconsmind corporate developmentBenefits of an IPO in Europebeaconsmind solutionsThe future of CommerceInterested?Link to the Video of the Recording:YouTubeSpeaker:Christian SoschnerMax WeilandOrganizations:CS Life Science InvestbeaconsmindSupport the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#39: All You Need to Know About the Novel €95.5 Billion Horizon Europe Programme...
This podcast episode will discuss the EU’s next framework program for research and innovation, Horizon Europe, and the exciting opportunities this program offers businesses, scientists, and investors. With the launch of the Horizon Europe program just weeks away, we will share insight into the program's novelties, where to start, and tips on how to be successful. The Podcast Host, guests Kimberly Cornfield and Michael Browne will discuss questions like:What is new in Horizon Europe? The European Innovation Council, Missions and Clusters – all you need to knowFunding for DeepTech? The opportunities for high-risk/high gain and interdisciplinary research and innovation collaborationWhere, when, and how to apply for Horizon Europe funding? – tips from the expertsWe shall address all these questions and discuss the latest priorities in EU research and innovation funding and the importance of collaboration.Our guests in this episode:Kimberly Cornfield is Head of European Research and Innovation at University College London (UCL), one of the top-performing universities under the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, having secured ca. €400 million over the last seven years to support its research and innovation activities. To support UCL in upholding its place as one of the leading universities in the next EU research and innovation program, Horizon Europe, and achieving its impact objectives, Kimberly and her team connect scientists and business around EU collaborative funding opportunities and offer a suite of support services to improve the chances of success in obtaining funding and achieving their impact objectives.Michael Browne is Director and Co-founder at Crowdhelix - an Open Innovation Platform that forges links between an international network of excellent researchers and innovating companies to help deliver pioneering collaborative projects. Michael has worked in the European Research & Innovation space for more than 15 years and is a recognized expert in Framework Programme funding.Host:Christian SoschnerLink to the Video of the Recording:Youtube VideoBe part of our Network:Subscribe here:  LinkSupport the show (https://lsg2g.substack.com/subscribe?)
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#38: Dusica Lukac - The Magic of Corporate Finance
1 Std. 27 Min.
#37: Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading