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Dying and the Grief Process
Dying and the Grief Process
Dying and the Grief Process with Jill Johnson-YoungHow do you move on from a heart-shattering loss? How do you let go of someone whom you loved dearly? In this episode, I talk with Jill Johnson-Young, someone who experienced death and loss twice in her life (with 2 separate partners)  and we talk about grief, love, loss, and how to move forward. Jill states, “Did we live the life that we were intended to live? Did we make a difference in this world? Did we find happy? Did we make others happy? Did we rescue a few very old ancient poodles? What did we do with our lives is what counts.”---------------------Jill Johnson-Young works as a LCSW.  She has been widowed  twice before age of fifty. Now she works with loved ones and their families to help as we pass from this lifetime to the next. She has a BA from the University of California, Riverside and she is a certified Grief Recovery Facilitator.Read more about Jill on https://jilljohnsonyoung.comCheck out Jill’s book The Rebellious Widow, about how to prepare for a loved one's death and get through the grief to the other side. To learn more, visit https://www.therebelliouswidow.comIf you love this episode, head over to Apple Podcasts, subscribe to the show, and leave us a rating and review. Help us spread love and light by sharing your favorite episodes on social media. with me on Instagram out my website to learn more about what I do: https://www.cpsychicreadings.comListen to my past C Psychic Readings Intuitive Podcast episodes here: the show