Words of Wisdom

Kerstin Plehwe

Bestselling author and impact entrepreneur Kerstin Plehwe welcomes Nobel Prize winners, Olympic athletes, peacemakers, political leaders, artists, corporate trailblazers, and female entrepreneurs from all around the world to speak about their biggest adventures and learnings on their path to success.  Everybody has a story and many of life's stories are great learning journeys everybody can benefit from, especially when those stories are shared by powerful female leaders and role models from all walks of life. Words of Wisdom shares the advice and personal strategies for success and happiness from female leaders from the corporate world, politics, arts, fashion, science, sports, fashion and many more. Stronger together!  The mission of this podcast is to inspire, empower and connect the learning experiences of female leaders with women around the globe looking for guidance, inspiration and a deeper understanding of the female tools for success, health and happiness.Together with my guests I hope our listeners will find good advice and feel encouraged to find their best answer to life’s big questions but also to everyday challenges and setbacks. Topics: No gossip, no chit chat and negativity but lots of honest, bold, encouraging conversation and advice from real life people that happened to become famous The topics center around life, love, leadership, women’s health, power, passion and happiness.It is not searching for the one answer but for an authentic advice and personal perspective of the guest that aims to inspire, encourage and empower the listener. read less