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S10-E12 – The Art of the Matter-Brian Cotnoir
Nov 12 2023
S10-E12 – The Art of the Matter-Brian Cotnoir
If you CLICK ON TEXT IN CAPITALS in below's article, you will access the links to the respective subject! Welcome to Season 10, Episode 12 of the Thoth-Hermes Podcast.  This afternoon’s dialogue finds Rudolf and Brian Cotnoir in circulatio on the experience of alchemy.  Distilled in the process, Brian shares on his life as an author, filmmaker, and practicing physical alchemist of over 50 years.  Please, listen for dispersion.  Then CONSIDER HIS TITLES, On Alchemy (2023), Alchemy the Poetry of Matter (2017), many other publications and Zines! Brian received his initiation of the Adult Library Card in 7th Grade, along with the core occult section maxim “don’t tell your parents”.  We can speculate that many listeners would report a similar awakening.  His first fleeting (20 minute) experience of New York City’s Weiser bookstore was also nascent.  Continuing to function in consensus reality, Brian majored in Chemistry and minored in Physics, spending time also working at Weiser Books.  An MFA in Film followed.  Brian’s work on the big screen has been aired by HBO, PBS, Sundance Festival, and other luminary recognitions.  Parallel to this, Brian has experimented as a true alchemist of physical matter- from mercury dime-making, to tea, to the slightly less mundane: all insightful to the “art of arts and the art of the creative act”.  Brian and Rudolf explore the esoteric discomfort with material and matter.  Brian observes “you think because you have a brain”, recentering the necessity of both psyche and matter.  Both men find parallels between matter and the creative process- Brian, in filmmaking and Rudolf in opera and stagecraft.  The Secrets of the Maze are also ventured, as well as the Process of Reading.  The conversation honors the human capacity for alchemical action as a gift and possible mission from the larger source.  Our ability to separate, clarify, and recombine are core tasks to any creative endeavor, including the journey of an individual lifetime.  Brian shares insight around his Zine making, as well as an invitation for future seekers to work the Zine themes into larger creations.  Brian will be featuring at the November 19th 2023 “SUNDAY ZINE FAIR” at the Brooklyn Museum, and welcomes any listeners to join him in conversation at that time. Brian's zines and books are available in Europe through: Watkins Books carries the books online, the physical shop carries the zines. IglooTree, an online shop, carries the books and all the zines On Alchemy: Essential Practices and Making Art as Alchemy available through Watkins Books in London. Brian and I encourage folks to order copies through their local physical bookstores.  To join the Khepri Press mailing list please Sign Up Here Brooklyn Museum Exhibition  Nov 17, 2023 - March 31, 2024 - Copy Machine Artists Music played in this episode This episode features again musicians who are also listeners of this show and who sent me their music for you, the audience. Two of them were already presented in previous shows, and as you particularly enjoyed their art, we bring them back here.  The third piece is from an artist new to this podcast. Enjoy and support those musicians! 1) OVER AND OVER - Brian Lucas, from his album "Presence"  Brian Lucas lives in Oakland, CA. He paints,